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Familiarize with nature "Insects" in the middle group 2018
2016-05-07, 14:59:33

Hello, Golden sun!
Hello, the sky is blue!
Hello, my native land!
Hello my friends!
- Guys, look, where are we? We at the forest clearing. (come to the table covered with green cloth and decorated with flowers)
- Look, how many flowers, how pretty they are, but somehow in the clearing no one else.
- Oh, what's that lying on the meadow? This is the envelope with the letter. Someone left us a letter, let him read.
"Dear guys!
Us wicked fairy bewitched and we are now in danger.
To save us, it is necessary to guess riddles.
Residents of the glades. "
- Do you guys want to know who will be saved out of trouble? (Yes)
(spread on the table the models correctly predicted the insect)
This little violinist,
Emerald wears a Cape.
He is a champion in sport,
Deftly jump he can. (grasshopper)
Moving the flower
All four petals.
I rip it wanted.
It fluttered and flew away.
A small helicopter
Flying back and forth.
Big eyes
Her name is... .(dragonfly)
Do not buzz when sitting,
Do not buzz when I walk
Do not buzz when they work,
And buzz, when circling (beetle)
He's a real worker,
Very, very hard-working.
Under a pine tree in dense forest
Of needles builds a house (an ant)
All the bugs in it by a mile,
Alaya back on it.
And in her circles,
Little black dots (ladybug)
- That's how many young residents of the glades spell you have.
- And how can they all be called in one word? (insects)
- Let's see what we call insects. All insects have a head, thorax, abdomen, antennae, 6 legs. (a few guys take the layout of the insect and tell, showing part of the insect's body)
Didactic game "the Fourth superfluous"
- Guys, to make sure you do not confuse insects with other animals, we'll play the game the Fourth superfluous"
1. Bunny, bumblebee, hedgehog, Fox
2. a bee, a fly, raccoon, dragonfly
3. frog, mosquito, beetle, butterfly
4. grasshopper, moth, bee, Sparrow
5. chafer, fly, squirrel, wasp
6. woodpecker, ant, bee, bumblebee
- What do you think, where are the insects? (Ponds, in forests, in gardens and even in homes is flies, mosquitoes, ants)
- And where some of them lived? (the ants in an anthill, bees in the hive, wasps build homes similar to paper lanterns, and butterflies are not home, for her the house of silk every blade of grass, every hollow, every convenient branch. And why is her house, if she lives only 2 weeks and in such a short time she had a whole world to discover.
The game "Magic flowers"
- I have unusual flowers, but it was only midway with the "house", and the petals flew away – to collect the petals, which sit on the living insects in it.
(Serves midway with the anthill, a beehive, a wasp's nest and petals with different insects)
- Now a bit of rest.
Oh, how scary on the lawn (Children kneel) .
Our butterfly.
Circling her dragonfly (Children spinning and waving their hands) .
And looks into my eyes
And the bee buzzed loudly (Kids buzz) .
It has a stinger
And bugs crawling around (Kids jumping foot to foot) .
Weed juicy bite!
- How insects escape from the winter cold? (they hide in the bark of trees, in a pile of dry leaves, all winter they sleep)
- Children, what do you think, what to eat insects? (leaves, nectar)
- Which of them are harmful to man (those that spoil the plants, carry diseases, bite)
- And who are useful to man? (destroy pests, collect the honey)
- They are harmful or useful, we don't need them to hurt and destroy. In nature everything is interconnected. Imagine what would have happened if I wasn't the mosquitoes would disappear Swifts and swallows, because they eat the mosquitoes. Each insect has its place in nature.
(Display prohibition signs: do not catch butterflies, not to destroy nests, collect flowers, etc.)
The game "Who does what? "
What insects buzz? (beetles, bees, wasps, flies, dragonflies)
Squeak? (mosquito)
Chirping? (grasshoppers, crickets)
What sound does a butterfly? (no)
- But you know that some insects miracles happen. Miracles and manifest that flies, butterflies, beetles are never kids. They are born from adults. Here the butterfly lays many eggs, some of them devoured by birds, will carry away the ants, and some part will survive. Of them it will be caterpillars. Time will pass and the caterpillar turns into a chrysalis. And from the chrysalis the butterfly will appear. (show the pattern of development of the butterfly)
- The legs and the body of the butterfly, like many insects is covered with hairs that help them to pollinate flowers, because the furry, fluffy hairs more sticks of pollen.
- And if the body and legs of insects were smooth, they would be able to carry the pollen? - I propose to conduct an experiment and verify?
Experimental activities
- I have the magic gloves, wearing which you can turn into butterflies. - I have 2 mitts: one is smooth and shiny, second – Terry, fluffy, fuzzy, hairy, hairs as on the body of the insect.
- We have semolina on a tray, like pollen on a flower.
- Now we will see what the mitten, will stick more dust. Lower gloves. - Let's see what the mitten stuck semolina?
- Why the blue mitten stuck semolina? - That's what the insects are covered with villi.
Gymnastics for eyes
Into the clearing, the beetle flew
Buzzed and sang – zzzzzztt
So he flew to the right (the children are watching right)
So he flew to the left (look left)
Beetle, that's right palm (right hand forward)
Beetle, the left hand (left hand forward)
The beetle flew up
And on the branch sat
On tiptoes we stood up
But the beetle we did not get
Clap in unison: clap, clap, clap
To fly he could: zzzzzztt.
Collective collage.
- What parts from other insects we take? A sting from wasps, large eyes of a dragonfly, the wings of a butterfly, the legs of the grasshopper, horn from a beetle, the body from bees. Here is some fabulous animal we have.
- Sometimes people are compared to insects. Guess about what the person may say: "as busy as a bee”. "Annoying like a fly”.

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