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Friendship - The occupation of a psychologist in the preparatory group 2018
2016-03-06, 15:46:23


In the preparatory group held a lesson about friendship. The children watched the presentation, learned how to be a friend and the laws of friendship. Played the game "Pick a friend". With the help of tactile perception gave each other the warmth of their hugs and kind and gentle wishes. Listened to a tale about a boy who did not know how to be friends. Made conclusions.
physical exercises "Game fingers"
Friends in our group girls and boys, (the fingers of both hands are connected to the castle)
We befriend little fingers. (palms pressed against each other)
One, two, three, four, five, start counting again. (tapping fingertips together)
One, two, three, four, five, we finished counting. (hands down, shake the tassels)
About to speak is always nice. Perhaps that is why so many poets write poems about friendship. How many of you remember these verses? Reading poetry about friendship children:
• Lots of beautiful words about friends may say!
Never, children, friend to offend.
Because without friends it is very difficult to live...
Say it together: friendship should be cherished.
If it's the work goes well,
Friend always comes to you
With each other will be easy!
Oh, and if I have a friend something happens,
Hurry to his aid – could be useful!

Don't leave your friends, be responsible for them.
Let's not hurt them for anything in the world.

• If other was not polite,
You go and fix it,
You don't sulk and don't frown,
If necessary, apologize!
And then around all the brighter
And will become lighter all of a sudden,
Because next will be a true friend!

• Remember, my children what is necessary to be polite.
Friends will then appear, everyone will love you!
• Other warm and tender hand,
Pat each other on the arm a little bit.
We are good when we are together, side by side.
Other a bad life, remember it!

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