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Gymnastics after sleep 2018
2016-09-10, 15:11:24
A set of exercises.

Topic: "We are friends"

Exercises in bed

1. "We woke up" I. p: lie on back, hands behind his head.

-- raise your straight legs and arms up in front of chest.

-- to spread his legs and arms out to the side.

- to reduce leg and hands in front of chest.

-- return to starting position.

(repeat 4 times, moderate pace)

2. "We are skilled" I. p.: lying on his stomach.

- legs bent at the knees, the hands to grasp ankles


-- return to starting position.

3. "We are agile"I. p: sitting, legs straight and together, hands on his shoulders.

-- tilt forward

- to return to the starting position

4. "We are resilient" I. p: sitting, legs straight and together, hands on his shoulders.

- to raise your straight legs up at the same time raise

hands in the air.

-- return to starting position, repeat 4P.

The exercises in the group

We play all day (hands on waist)

All day play is not laziness

You see keep up

All of us repeat.

We raise our hands up (children are on tiptoe, hands

lift up)

Immediately become above all.

Here comes a crane (children perform exercises

on the heels)

Transports the goods himself (clean hands behind his back)

Hands down below

And enough to reach the ground (the children go in the half squat)

Quietly goes the mouse (children moved a soft step)

Because next to the cat.

Ho-Ho, the horse is alive (step with high knee)

With this head,

With this mane,

Here's a nice

Pony runs in the circle (running high knee)

Smile me as a friend.

If you want to-

Along with a pony ride.

Knees hand fold (feet shoulder width apart, bent at knees.)

Who do we like? (the weight of the body is transferred from one foot to another)

This dwarf old man,

He bent like a hook.

Here walks a giant (moving stride, hands

Freely swing along the body)

Like a large crane

A grove of trees, river and meadows

It will take place in two steps.

Walked through the woods a good dwarf (go waddling, hands folded

hatchet on the shoulder)

With colored cap.

Was walking and singing a song

And waddling Chagall.

We play all day (walking)

All day play is not lazy.

Breathing exercise "well Done"

On account of 1,2 – breath. On account of 1,2,3,4 – exhale. On the exhale, say the word "mo-Lod-Tsy".

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