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Halloween 2018
2017-10-20, 23:38:13

- intensification of cross-cultural material on the theme "Halloween";

- education of respectful attitude to the traditions and customs of the studied language.


- to intensify the use of the lexical units on the theme "Food", "Clothing", "Looks", "Account", "Colors", "Animals", "Team" in the speech;

- to improve pronunciation skills;

- to develop listening skills on the theme "Appearance", "Clothes", "Command";

- consolidate the use of speech grammar structures "He has...", "She has...", "My name is..." and plural nouns.

Material: pictures with the symbols of Halloween; pumpkin; items of clothing; dummy food; blackboard and chalk; paper tracks, a poster with the figures; toy animals; a bag of butterscotch; music; bat costume.


I. Organizational moment.

Teacher: Good afternoon, children!

I’ am glad to see you.

Children: Good morning, good morning,

Good morning to you.

Good morning, good morning,

I am glad to see you.

Teacher: What is your name?

What is your name?

Now tell me, please,

What is your name?

Children: My name is Ann.

My name is Sveta.

My name is Oleg.

The music of R. Wagner's "ride of the Valkyries". There is a hero in a bat costume and welcomed those present:

Halloween, Halloween, magic night!

We are glad and very bright.

We all glad and sing, recite.

Welcome! Welcome! Halloween night!

Teacher: Oh, guys! I totally forgot that every year on October 31 in the UK and the United States celebrate Halloween. Especially children love this holiday. Many children in masks and costumes bizarre creatures go to schools and kindergartens. And in the second half of the day, the children in their costumes go home "to beg for" chocolate. Of course, the mistress to this day before stocking up on something tasty for these guests, but still came to the house, you're supposed to say "Trick or treat", which roughly means "If you do not treat, we annoy you". And we arrived today bat Betty, lest we forget about this holiday.

Bat: Guys, I invite you to gain the delicious food. Let's see if you can find sweets and fruits in the blind.

Is the game "Blind Hunt". (Bat invites two willing players is blindfolded, give them baskets. Children together with the teacher saying the rhyme:

One, two, three,

One, two, three,

Look for what

You cannot see!

After this "blind hunters" begin to gather and put in baskets laid out on the floor sweets and fruits, which are then called in English.

For example, chocolate, cake, sweet, ice-cream, jam, banana, apple, orange, pineapple, nut, strawberry...

Teacher: In recent times in the United States becoming more popular contests on painting the Windows of houses and shop Windows. Children paint their special easily removable paint the way tells them their fantasy. It can be images of ghosts, goblins, skeletons, and, of course, pumpkins. Traditional decoration of this holiday is an empty pumpkin with carved eyes, nose and mouth, inside which is placed a lighted candle.

Bat: so I suggest you exercise your imagination. I'll give the team what body part you draw. Each participant draws only one part of the body, and what happens in the end, we'll see.

The Contest "Artists".

Draw head. Draw hair. Draw the body. Draw legs. Draw hands. Draw ears. Draw eyes. Draw nose. Draw nose. Draw mouth. Draw brows.

Teacher: Yes, interesting character you have succeeded. Do you know why people wear costumes on this day? Costumes were worn to scare and chase away witches and other evil spirits. But only one on this holiday will not find: witches, black cats, spiders. Oh, guys, we all know the song about the spider WINCY. We should sing her our guest:


Incy-wincy spider

Went up the water spout.

Down came the rain.

And washed the spider out.

Out came the sunshine

And dried up incy-wincy spider

Went up the spout again.

Bat: Witches and monsters never went to school, the spider was not studied. But what do you say we – the new generation. Check do you know how to count. Here's some monsters have left their traces, they are numbers, count in English from 1 to 12.

The game is played "Walk on the tracks." Kids remember the account: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve.

Teacher: here is another task to show Betty that you are really good I think in English.

Is the game "Find the numbers In order".

Teacher: Celebrating Halloween has become popular in the U.S. around the beginning of the 19th century with the arrival in America of emigrants from the British Isles. And today nobody is surprised to see October 31 to stop people in costumes of witches, vampires, black cats. Children also go to school in costumes, with painted faces, wearing masks – it is not only possible, but necessary. After all, Halloween is the perfect occasion to have fun.

Guys, I have prepared for you a variety of garments, during the musical pauses you need to wear any subject. At the end of the music, select it. The rest of the play make any of the children, whose clothes and appearance are described in the game. Playing in turn tell the signs by which to guess the hidden child.

For example, She has a blue sweater.

She has a black skirt.

He has a green jacket.

She has a yellow dress.

It is in the process of guessing asks questions: Is it light? Is it Dima?

Is the game "Who is he (she?"

Bat: Halloween is the perfect occasion to fool around, to wriggle. Let's warm up.

Being physical activities and training:

I clean my teeth, scrub - scrub - scrub.

I wash my hands, rub-rub-rub-rub.

I eat my jam, um-um-um-um.

I go to bed, creep-creep-creep-creep.

I am in bed. Fast, fast asleep.

Teacher: Guys, one monster is scary? (No) how many? (Yes) One witch scary? How many? Yes, we are not afraid of this evil. Here's how to make one piece a lot, show, right, guys? Betty, our children know how to turn one animal in several.

Is the game "One to many".

The teacher shows a toy animal, children name the animal in the singular and then plural.

For example, a cat – cats a dog – dogs; a fox – foxes; a mouse – mice; a fish – fish; a tiger – tigers.

Bat: all witches and wizards have spells. Usually they say them fast enough, probably, to no one guessed what they spell. So I'm fast enough I tell you the team and see what you attentive.

Is the game "Complete command:

Show me your hands.

Stamp your feet.

Sit down.

Go to the door.

Go back to your place.

Clap your hands three times.

Jump four times.

Touch your nose.

Close your eyes.

Take a book.

Give me a pen.

Teacher: our lesson today came a bat Betty, if she hadn't, we would have forgotten about such a wonderful cheerful holiday Halloween. Guys, thanks our guest will show you a fun game "Toffee" "Toffee". And then she will teach you how to play it, their friends the monsters, witches, black cats.

Is the game "Toffee".

Caused by two willing guys. They sit on chairs back to each other at a distance of about 1.5 meters. Across the floor stretched a rope, the ends of which protrude from under the chairs, her in the middle of a tied pouch butterscotch. On command players jump up and run clockwise around the play area with chairs, and the other children cheer them with a song:

I want a little toffee,

I want a little toffee,

Run, Run, run, run

Who has won?

The end of the song is the signal for players. They should return to their chairs, sit down, pulling the end of the rope to pull the bag from under his chair. The lucky guy who did it gets two candies out of the bag, and his opponent – one candy for bravery in the hunt for sweets.

Teacher: This cheerful holiday Halloween is celebrated every year. Children from the UK and the US, he especially hit. This holiday is another reason to lift each other up, to say a kind of funny word. Let's thank our guest Betty for a wonderful time. It's time to say goodbye.

Say goodbye my little friends.

Our friendship never ends.

Children: Good bye! Thank you! Have a nice day! See you later!
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