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"Heart I love myself, I will help" 2018
2016-09-10, 07:07:01
Objective: to Acquaint the children with the main body of our body – heart. To form love and conscious attitude to the exercises and games that are useful for strengthening the heart muscle; to teach the rules of conduct under which the heart remains healthy. To educate the children a sense of kindness and compassion.

The lesson:
Children, you like to play?
- Yes, love
- Then let's play a game of "Why?"
- Why we need the ears?
- In order for a story to listen to
- You eyes?
- See pictures
- Hands?
- Shod boots
- Legs?
- To play football
- But the language?
- Not to talk

Then softly to me come, hear someone knocking on our door (tuk tuk tuk)

- Who it might be? (heard from behind the door song)

Tuk-tuk – I your heart

I your heart tuk-tuk tuk

Heart love and take care

The heart of your friend. Tuk tuk-tuk.

In order to live longer

You need to be kind to us

Mom and dad

My father and mother, all the love.

(make a heart)

- Children, what is it? (heart)

- And who knows where we have heart?

- Yes, children, we have the heart on the left side. Put hand to heart, can you hear it knocking?

- Yes, our heart goes knock, knock, it responds to everything that our eyes see, our ears hear. Here it is, what our heart. And song, he is very simple - tuk-tuk!

Heart's beating and your mom, grandma and your dad and grandpa. The same song sings and the heart of each of us. You can hear any minute. For this you need to attach the arm to the heart, or put your fingers on your throat.

- Now children, look here, here is your heart

(show the picture of the heart)

Size it orange, but despite its small size, heart beats day and night. Heart knows no rest. So we should take care of your heart, to take care of his health

- Children, tell me, why do we exercise, do physical exercise to be healthy, strong, large not to get sick)

- That's right kids. And that heart was we have a healthy, strong, good – we have every day to do exercises, to play the game. Exercise (show illustrations).

And if you sit all day without moving, for example, to watch TV, then sooner or later the heart will cease to work well (show illustrations)

- So what do we need to keep our hearts healthy? (exercise, play outdoor games, run around, etc.)

- That's right, kids, look here (showing pictures)

If you're a good kid

All you help

A always toy itself

You clean

Brush your teeth and eat itself

You dress yourself, and of course the morning recharging do. These children look, a heart so kind, cheerful, healthy, big.

(a picture of a smiling heart)

- But if you greedy and evil, just very naughty

Then we and everyone else, you don't need

Well, why go to all friends,

Which will all of us beat

Which often cries

Not dancing, not singing, with a ball does not jump

On the charge he's sitting – he too lazy to climb

In the classroom silent – doesn't want to do

He can't he dress – mother dresses

And toys all over it dad cleans

These children see a heart that is evil, it is sad. (Show the picture with an evil heart).

- So that we have here is a big, healthy heart, what should we do? What should we be (children's Responses)

- That's right, we should be kind, love everybody. To do everything ourselves. (Dress, shoes, clean up the toys). Guys, take a look, and came to us 2 boys (big and small doll)

- They want you to say something (tells big boy)

I charge worked

Porridge eating, at lunch I slept

And so guys, that's so big I have become

- Show me your heart, I what?

(children show a large, healthy heart)

- Yes, my heart is healthy, strong, big

(says the little boy)

And I don't like charging, and porridge

To sleep in the afternoon and don't want

In the classroom silent

And cry all the time

Show heart that I have what?

(children show a small, sad heart)

- Yes, that's right, kids, my heart is weak, sick

- Remember you little boy, you and the children to heart well-worked, it is necessary to help him. Remember that it's small. The day you lot are tired of running, so the heart needs to rest. That's why you go after dinner to bed to sleep, and in the evening your mom put you to sleep before they fall. When you are resting, resting heart beats slower. So, what should we do to make his heart rest? (sleep)

- Right, children, we must sleep

- And now let's hand on heart put and say to him:

"We want to be kind,

we will all always love

Will sports

Run, jump, tumble

Want heart we had such a healthy, strong, big

- And now we say goodbye to our guests and go for a walk to play (kids goodbye).

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