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How are the boys figure 5 saved 2018
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Topic: "How children figure 5 saved"
Purpose: to Bring children the joy and fun of games to develop focus. To maintain interest in intellectual activity and a desire to play games with mathematical content
Learning objectives:
Continue to learn to write and solve simple arithmetic problems on addition and subtraction of numbers within 10; to be able to call neighbors, to put signs between numbers; be able to navigate it on paper; to be able to connect the dots
• To consolidate the knowledge about the sequence of days of the week, seasons, months of the year;
• the ability to navigate on a sheet of paper, the knowledge about geometric shapes.

.To develop logical thinking, attention, memory
Continue to teach children geometric shapes to lay out a given follower

Friends become pairs and face each other and say Hello hand.
-Good day! (shake hands)
-Good to see you! (greet all your fingers except the thumb) .

-If anything happens, call help (marching decree and Ms. fingers hands etc. on the left hand partner, gently Pat on a shoulder and also pairs come to the table.
Teacher: Guys! Next year you go to school and what grades you would like to receive? (Answers of children.) Today to visit you I invited a number 5, but she had disappeared, and without it you cannot learn how, take, get "excellent" in school.
Let's remember what digit is the digit 5.
For this I suggest you to build the number line (children put the numbers on the Desk, I notice that the numbers 5 no)
Teacher:. Guys, I remembered this morning, on the table, I saw this letter. Let's read, maybe it will explain to us what it is. Reads the letter:
"To "5" to save you –
You need a lot to go through:
Challenging assignments, a fun date,
All you will see along the way,
And will help you to go –
All of your knowledge.
The old woman-witch ".

Teacher: That's it! The old woman-witch was a bad student in school, so I stole a fiver that all the guys were losers, too. But this does not suit us.
Teacher: We will go around the country Mathematics, will complete the task of The old woman-witch and return the number 5.
1. Answer me quickly
How many tails have four cats?
How many noses have three elephants?
How many legs have two cubs?
How many nuts in an empty glass?
Invite children to recall Proverbs that mention the number.
One mind is good, but two is better.
For two hares chase, no you don't get caught.
Old friend better than two new ones.
Seven woes – one answer.
Seven one not waiting.
Measure twice, cut once.
Not have a hundred rubles, a hundred friends.
One for all, all for one.
One is a warrior.
Teacher: the first task we did.
2. Game "Guess the riddle"
Nine sausages mom bought,
Pussy one an hour away.
And to count that you to ask
How many sausages we got? (eight)
Give the job to lay out the cards solution read record: 9-1=8
3. The Assignment Of Bits. game
Winter, spring, March, summer? December, April, autumn, June?
Wednesday, night, Thursday, Saturday? Five, eight, seven, morning?
Answer the questions:
- Tell me how many months in year? (12)
- What are spring months? (summer, winter, autumn)
- What month begins a year? (January)
- End the year (December)
- Tell me how many days per week? (7)
- Name the days of the week starting Wednesday Friday?
- What is the name of the seventh day of the week? (second, fifth)
- What day of the week was yesterday? Tomorrow? Today?
Teacher: And with this task coped, well done!
4. Draw on the right as on the left
Finger gymnastics
Everywhere, everywhere the two of us (the Middle and index fingers
Inseparable come. "marching" on the table.)
We walk through meadows, (Children bend one
On the green shores, the finger, starting from the big one.)
Down the stairs ran,
Along the street walked,
After crawling under the bed,
Will be there quietly to sleep. (Put hand flat on the table.)
The hall is dunno
N. : Ay-ay-ay! Oh-Oh-Oh! What can we do. What should I do!
Look, guys, came to us dunno. Hello, Dunno!
N. : Ah! What! Where I!
Dear teacher dunno, you came to us in kindergarten our class
Tell, dunno what happened, why are you so sad?
N. : How can I not be sad, I am in school with homework, and I can't cope.
Teacher Tell us what kind of job you can't handle?
N. You need to "Compare the numbers to put up signs"
The teacher don't feel bad, dunno, now our guys will help you.
On the desks the children cards, children have to put signs <, >, =.
5*8 10*9 8*4 3*9 7*7 4*10
6*6 10*10 8*9 10*5 4*5
N. : Well, thank you friends
And I have to go have to go.
Good-bye, saying,
All the smiles I give.
Dunno out.
The guys say goodbye to the Dummy
Teacher Listen to short stories. If you hear the syllable or the word "three", then clap once her hands.
1. Once the pike we caught,
Gutted, but on the inside (pop) .
Fish small saw
And not one, but THREE (pop) .
2 Recently the train at the station,
Me THREE (clap) hours had to wait.
But done during this time
I get a haircut (pop) and sleep.
3 Dreams of a boy tempered
To become Olympic champion,
Watch (pop! At the start, not cunning (pop) .
And wait for team 1, 2, 3 (clap) .
Well done guys with this task Baba GIE you coped
B. : This Malvina, trying to be smart. Teaches constantly. You see I don't know how, don't know. Think beautiful, smart found.
Caregiver-Hello, Pinocchio!
B. : Oh! Hello! And where am I? :
Teacher In kindergarten for math tutoring.
B. : How cool. You are the one I want.
The fact that I Malvina
Asked examples.
I want to walk quickly!
But unfortunately I can't.
Me examples you decide
And walk me let.
Teacher If you don't understand
Math don't know
You have to teach her,
Then all to be smarter.
We'll help you out,
How to you show.
You see, remember,
And then you decide.
Pinocchio reads the examples and the task
Sitting on a stump Armillaria
The guys are very friendly.
Three large, three small,
Little, big –
A whole family of mushrooms.
How many of them sit on the stump?
Let us write down the solution of the problem
The children spread the cards from example( 1 child writes on the Board)
4+4= ; 9-2= ; 1+5= ; 8-3= ; 6+1= ; 10-2= ;
A baby walks on the Board writes a condition and solution to the problem figures.
B. : thanks to you friends!
You have taught me.
I now will be able,
All the examples will prevail.
And as a reward I want
To play with you in game.
Pinocchio holds physical moment "days of the week"
On Monday I swam, (depicted swimming)
And on Tuesday – drew. (depicted the drawing)
Wednesday long washed ("wash")
And on Thursday's football game. (running in place)
On Friday I was jumping, running, (jump)
Danced for a very long time. (spinning in place)
And on Saturday, Sunday
All day I rested. (claps hands)
Now guys I have to go
Teacher well Done guys with this task The old woman-witch you manage.
We still have one more task "Mathematical dictation"
3 cells to the left
2 down
3 right
3 down
3 left
Teacher: What you've done. Great!
With the last task The old woman-witch returned to us the number 5
Guys, in the envelope is a note, let's read:
"Thank you, lads for effort and skill!
Tried you guys
I believe, very happy.
Figure 5 you return,
Though the soul it is not tea,
Children figure 5 need.
With her learning more fun".
Teacher: Guys, this is The old woman-witch returned all the number five. You all deserve it (the teacher gives all the children a card with a number five) .
Teacher: Well guys, we are with you, through the power of knowledge found and returned the number 5. Let's return to its place. (Brings total classes) : did You like today's lesson? Why?
Pasha: We played today,
The mood of everyone lifted.
Anna: it's time to say Goodbye to us,
Goodbye friends!

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