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Introduce them to others in the older group to visit the water turtles" 2018
2016-06-09, 09:16:19

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• To give real idea about the water turtles, habitats - sea, rivers, lakes, wetlands, their appearance, methods of movement, nutrition.
• To foster in children respect for nature, a desire to care for water turtles.

The forms and methods of conducting: Discussion, viewing of the presentation.

Educational area: "Knowledge".
Integration of educational areas: "Communication", "Socialization", "Physical culture".

Excursion to visit the water turtles.

Objective: to Acquaint with the environment of the dwelling, structure, appearance, behavior features aquatic turtles.

Aquatic turtles live in water : in seas, rivers, lakes, even in the swamp.

There they spend most of the time: hunt, feed on small fish, insects, seafood, amphibians.

Water turtles have adapted to life in water,

Their body is streamlined.So it was easy to swim, fingers, many of them connected by a membrane, and some have evolved into flippers.

breathing under water through the blood vessels of the mouth and throat.

Sea turtles can hold its breath under water.

It is the largest among all turtles.

Real giants in the world of reptiles!

An adult turtle can cope even with the shark.

We have lives trachemys .

Trachemys belongs to the family of freshwater turtles.

It can live in slow waters, to survive low temperatures and can feed on any waste. The carapace of the aquatic turtles in the form of an oval. Head, neck and limbs painted stripes.

These turtles have no teeth, but has Horny plates on the edges of the jaws.

Its name trachemys received for oblong red spots behind the eyes, like the ears.

Sometimes these stains can be orange and even yellow colors.

Eggs all aquatic turtles on land and the baby turtles after hatching for some time remain the same.

In nature all water turtles love to climb out on the Bank and bask in the sun, which is their main source of heat .

In the South of our country lives pond turtle.

If the pond in which a turtle lives in winter freezes into ice, the turtles hibernate and spend the winter months buried in the mud at the bottom of the reservoir.

Interesting about the turtles.

Water turtles are unique creatures. Turtles are the best meteorologists. Do you know why? Because they can predict the tides for another 60 days before them! And in this climate of the "game" of nature is irrelevant. The turtle with the accuracy to days predicts when the rain will come, the tide comes in and so on. For example, some turtles bury their eggs on a meter in the sand. There they ripen. And once the shell is shattered and on light there are new little turtles immediately the tide, which washes away more meter layer of sand. The turtles find themselves immediately in the sea... And before that nobody could get!

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