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Lesson on the development of the emotion "Anger" 2020

Increased attention to the emotional development of the preschool child caused by the formation of the main psychological neoplasms in this age -the beginning of randomness of mental processes and psychological readiness to school. At preschool age the process of differentiation of emotions and feelings of the child is further developed. On the one hand, a rich emotional palette provides a more adequate emotional behavior of the child. But on the other hand she may also be the cause of deformation of emotional sphere of the child.

Objective: to Acquaint children with the emotion of anger. To teach children to convey their emotions through expressive activity. To develop the ability to convey the anger in color, using paper of different shades and ways to perform application. Cause a desire to share what I have depicted.
1. Organizational moment.
The children sit on the carpet around the teacher. The teacher reads a passage from the works of K. I. Chukovsky "Moidodyr", where the author describes the anger of the Sink and the Crocodile.
2. The conversation on the following issues:
Why angry Washbasin and a Crocodile? Would you get mad? As described by the author the wrath of the Sink? As described by the author the wrath of a Crocodile?
3. Looking at pictures depicting angry Washbasin and a Crocodile. Children are invited to tell how the artist conveyed the anger of the heroes. Drawn the children's attention on the images of individual characters, their facial expressions.
4. Children's stories about situations when they were angry, angry, angry. Analysis of situations. To show the situation from the other side (positive perception) .
5. The Exercise "Mirror". The children are asked to portray in front of the mirror the anger and the joy. To show how the face changes depending on emotional state.

6. The children move to tables which are prepared with the necessary equipment to create the application. Children at will perform the applique technique "Broken application" angry or happy emotions. The work is done by music.
7. Exhibition of children's works.

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