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Lesson on valeology in the first Junior group "My little white face" 2018
2016-05-02, 20:50:29

The progress of the class.
In front of the children on the Board – the image of children's faces; the picture "Mother and baby in the crib".
- Kids, let me tell you a small tale about a very young child, which is simply called Baby. (Draw the children's attention on the illustration that on the Board.)
- So, the Kid lived with mom and dad in a beautiful house. Once the Kid woke up in the morning and thinks: "Why is it so dark? All around the pitch – black and nothing can not be seen? "Confused Kid. But when he opened his eyes – instantly all I saw: and the rug on the floor, and the sun that peeks in at his window, and the gentle mother, who bent over him.
- What do you think, kids, is why at first the boy saw nothing? What we discover, when you Wake up? What do we see? (Children with the help of a caregiver to make findings and give answers.)
- Glad our Baby, sweet yawned and stretched. And then I heard mom's gentle voice. Mom said, "Good morning, time to Wake up! "The kid closed his eyes again, but mom's voice could be heard as well. Then the Kid said Hello to mommy and asked her: "Mom, I do not hear with your eyes? And what? ". "You have ears", - tenderly said the mother. The baby closed her fingers ears and really heard nothing – no mother's conversation and the whisper of the wind outside the window.
- Kids, do you understand what we hear, what we need to hear different sounds, a conversation, a song? (Ears.)
- In the kitchen boiling the kettle. From there also came the pleasant smells of warm milk and fresh buns. The kid closed the eyes, ears obscured, but still smelled just as nice. Suddenly he held my nose – and the smell disappeared. "So, I smell a nose," thought the Kid.
- What do you think, correctly decided the Kid? (Yes) . How we feel about the nose? (Different smells) .
- "Mother," said the Boy, " and a tasty Breakfast today? ". "Get up quickly – you'll know," mom said, and then added – and the mouth and tongue will help you do that".
- What we eat, children? (The mouth.) Than feel taste like? (Reed.)
- Well done. So here stood the Baby, a caring mother took him to the bathroom to wash the child's eyes, ears, cheeks, forehead, eyebrows, chin – all face. I started to do mom? (To Wash The Child) . What exactly she washed him? (The kids call parts of the person and show them the picture on its own and also repeat a common word "person".)
- Well done, kids. Usually, in the morning after sleeping all need to wash to be fresh, clean and healthy. Why we wash? (Answers of children.)
- You know, the kids, the mother has washed her baby, and even a song – letting simple poem saying. Listen here:
water, water
Wash my face,
To eyes gleaming,
To blushed cheeks,
To laugh mouth
So bite the clove!

- And you guys wash up in the morning? (Yes. ) Than wash? (Water.) Tell us what you like some water to wash: warm or cool? Who of you knows how to wash himself, without help from mom? (Answers.)
(Knock at door, there is a Pauline doll with a dirty face, reports that in a hurry in the garden, tripped and fell face in the dirt.)
- Kids, can we help our doll in her trouble? (Yes.) How? What do I need? (Water, soap, towel.) And, of course, the magic words. I'm going to wash, reciting letting simple poem, and you help me to speak and "wash" your face, after all the kindness, love and sympathy so necessary for each of us.
(The p. T. break "Wash, don't be lazy")
Caregiver on behalf of the doll thanked the children for their help and kindness.
- How healthy, unwashed face? (The teacher helps the children to find the right words: "It white, clean, healthy, beautiful.") Yes. Well, when the face is clean, hair combed, cheeks pink. Here's how you, kids. And, if we did not wash, what would be our faces? (A dirty, untidy, ugly.) True. And we would be hurt, because where there is dirt – sure there are different microbes. Therefore it is necessary not only to wash but also clean ears, wash a head to wipe his nose. Maybe the Kid forgot about it? Who will remind him how it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness? Why are we doing this? (Answers of children.)
- Of course, we have so many assistants that help us to see, to hear, to smell. And for all we should care that they were clean. Let us once again recall about them.
Didactic game "that What? "
(Children finish their sentences, logically adding the correct word.)
- We hear... (ears) .
- We see ... (eyes) .
- ...We smell (nose) .
- We eat ... (mouth) .
We feel ... we taste (tongue) .
- Ears for us so that we ... (hear) .
- Eyes for us to ensure that we are all around ... (saw) .
- Nose us so that we could ... (sniff, smell)

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