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Master class "Clock" (Christmas toy from matchbox) 2018
2016-03-18, 20:59:05

To work will need:

each child chooses a color for hours and that takes a rectangle of the desired color and them wraps the upper part of the box (so the inner part is removable)

on the resulting workpiece paste prepared me dial. By the way, the time at all different hours.

Therefore, when the children noticed it, they asked what time the clock says and I asked them to tell the time
in the middle I pierced them a stud, but you can with an awl or thick needle

Weights can be of different shapes.

4 For the weights you need to take the thread (preferably the thick type chamomile or # 10) and paste it between the two weights, i.e. we would need 4 blanks. 5
a small piece of wire (about 5 cm) need to twist one end and stick it on the front side in the dial. 6
continue to tighten the other end inside the box. It remains to wear at this part wire weights. This can be done or top box. These two pieces of work to be done by the children themselves hard, so need your help. Now hours you can change the position of weights by pulling one of the ends. Child like to do.
selected strips of cardboard need to make a roof by folding it like this. 8
and glue the ends inside the box.

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