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Master class "Watch from candy" 2018
2016-03-18, 20:42:55

    First, make a round shape hours. To do this, cut foam circle of any diameter. The same circle cut out of cardboard and ORACAL. Glue one side of the foam circle out of cardboard, and the other from Oracle. Where glued ORACAL that we will have a clock. From snowflakes lay out the figures and attach with needles. Cut out the cover of two hands one small another big, fasten them in the middle of the needle.
      The next stage.
      Glue on a circle of candy. One sweet preferably other form of glue to the top center. At the bottom made of candy legs and also glue. Next, glue the spruce twig and Christmas toys. All decorated with tinsel and put snow from the spray. Our clock is ready.
Such a toy can give to a colleague or loved ones.

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