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Material to the conversation "Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom Peace or Hatred?" 2018
2016-02-18, 21:55:43

Material for interviews with the children of senior and preparatory groups:

"the Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. Peace or Hostility? "

On our planet there are Two Kingdoms: Animals and Plants. These Kingdoms are friends with each other because we live in the same area. Because we can't imagine without sea animals or sea plants without. So life on land would not have been possible without the representatives of plants (animals just would have nothing to eat). And the plants would never have been able to do without animals (why, guys? Give examples of) Children answer about the pollination of flowers by insects, about the fact that birds consume a huge number of insect pests, etc.
The population of the Kingdom of Plants produces food from the land, which feeds on itself and feeds the Animal Kingdom. (Question for children: Give examples! Children respond: for Example, camel camel eats thorns, squirrels eat nuts, cows eat grass.) That's right, guys. And yet, the population of the Animal Kingdom the Kingdom protects Plants from diseases and pests. (Children give examples about birds that destroy insects.)
We belong to the Animal Kingdom, therefore, must Respect the interests of the Kingdom of Plants. But, by building Civilization, man influences the kingdoms of Animals and Plants are not always positive. For example, people cut down forests, open steppes, drying swamps, transplant plants to new locations. Such interference in nature violates the delicate balance between organisms. Perhaps someone will ask: "what will happen if these species disappear? After all, disappeared many species of plants and animals. And we have not noticed! "This question will be answered by the science of Ecology. One extinct species stretches a chain of consequences that can be dangerous not only for nature but also for humans! Developments similar to the situation described in the English folklore:
Wasn't nail-
horseshoe was lost.
No horseshoe-
the horse limped,
The horse was lame-
commander killed
The cavalry is broken-
the army runs.
The enemy comes to town,
sparing no prisoners,
because at the forge
it was not a nail!

Fortunately, many people realized that plants and animals need protection. That is why almost all countries are created reserves, national parks. This land of unspoiled nature with all living creatures. In their territory is prohibited any activity of people, even tourists tours limited. Here plants and animals is not threatened. However, these efforts are not enough. Scientists have formulated such a principle: the Protection of Nature must be Universal!
Approximate Questions For The Interview:
1. What Kingdoms exist on our planet?
2. What Kingdom is Man?
3. How man affects nature?
4. Why we need to cherish every insect, every tree?
5. Let's memorize a poem that I've read.
6. What would happen if. extinct all the insects on the planet? all the birds? all the predators?
killed all the grass? all the flowers? all the trees?
7. How do people protect plants and animals?
8. What are the measures for the protection of animals and plants can offer you?

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