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Math and logic. "The number one. The oak is a symbol of strength and uniqueness" 2018
2016-03-07, 05:35:27

Music. The teacher draws the children's attention to the music. (Where she calls us). Children go and sit on chairs. The curtain opens, the children are welcomed by the king - Unit.
Hello dear children, did you recognize me? Yes, I am a king-Single. At our previous meeting with you I asked you to paint a lion.
After all, a lion is? (King of beasts). Thank you very much for the pictures, you tried very hard.
And today I will continue my story. There's a tree similar to the lion in strength and regality - this handsome oak. 9-(shows illustration). Oak often grows alone in the open field, proud and mighty. The leaves and acorns of an oak in autumn become Golden.
Listen, hear the rustle, (the music sounds, it's mighty oak is sending you their leaflets. Take every single piece of paper and put them in the vase. (Clarifies in children the number of leaves). And here is the trick. A lot of leaves gathered together, but the bunch turned out to be one.
Children, do you like riddles? Today, I have prepared for you pictures puzzles. Look at the picture and tell me what figure a lot, and that one only.  (Kids get the picture and sit on a seat and answer the question)
Thanks guys, you coped with my job. Now you can play.
We are the leaves of autumn-
On the branches we were sitting.
The wind blew - flew
We flew, we flew
And on the ground sat in silence.
Again the wind came running
And leaves are all raised.
Swirled, flew
And on the ground again.
(Children perform movements to the music) .
King - One:
- Thanks, children, you see you much, but together you are one group. Today I say goodbye to you, goodbye, I got you a surprise.
The teacher opens the box and invites children to watch and listen to the tale, setting the children the task that they will help the caregiver to tell the tale.
Planar the tale significantly "Different wheels".
"Is a tree stump, on a stump of a tower. And in the mansion live Mouse, Frog, Hedgehog yeah Cockerel-Golden comb. Once they went into the forest for flowers, mushrooms, firewood, picking berries. Went walking in the woods, and came to a clearing. Look, there is an empty cart, empty, but not simple - all wheels are different: one very small, another larger next average, and the last great big wheel"
Guys, count how many wheels were in the cart?
"Cart has long been, and even fungus grew under it. See the Mouse, Frog, Hedgehog Yes, the Cockerel, looking surprised. Then the Rabbit out the road, looks, laughs.
Is your cart? – ask the Hare.
- No, it's bear cart. He did it, you did not finish.
- Let's take the cart yourself, said the Hedgehog, is in the household chores.
"All right," agreed the other.
They began to push the cart, she pushed. Then turn right, then left to fall. "
And why do you think the cart was going?
Correctly because it has different wheels.
"And the Hare laughs, goes out of his way:
- Who needs such troublemakers cart?
Tired of everything, and throw a pity – in the household chores. "
Guys, how can I deliver the cart home?
Here Hedgehog guessed:
- Let's all take the wheel!
- Come on!
What shape are the wheels and how they can move on the road?
"Took off the wheels, and drove home. "
Who do you think took the small wheel? (Mouse). More? (Frog). More than a frog? (Hedgehog). The big wheel who drove? (Rooster) .
"The hare laughs:
- That jackass, home different wheels rolling! "
Rolled a friends wheels and I think that you can do with them? "
Guys, can be useful in the economy of the wheels? What they can do
"I know, said the Mouse, took a small wheel and a spinning wheel made.
The hedgehog guessed, to his wheel, two sticks moved the car out.
- I also came up with, said the Frog, and the wheel more to the well was added to the water to get better.
The Cock big wheel in the river dropped, Burr was attached, the mill turned out. Better still healed friends.
Came as something to them hare. Mouse mittens knitted him. The frog was treated to carrots, Hedgehog mushrooms, and Cock - pies. Shame was the Hare.
- Excuse me, "he said," I was laughing at you, I see it now in the right hands and different wheels can come in handy. "
Guys, you like the story? The characters in the story a lot, but a fairy tale? (One) .
And interesting it was, because I very well helped. Well done!

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