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Monitoring of the butterfly 2018
2016-02-11, 19:37:21

Guys, guess the riddle : "it Became a flower and suddenly woke up,
More sleep didn't want.
Moved, started,
Leaped up and flew away. "
- Why guys in the mystery butterfly is compared to the flower? And who knows what the name of this butterfly? (show picture of a cabbage butterfly) .
- And the cabbage it's called because it feeds on the leaves of cabbage grown here in the gardens.
Guys, who knows what other butterflies feed on? (already on the Board decorated with images of butterflies).
- The main food of butterfly is nectar and pollen. Lots of colourful and bright flowers, and attract butterflies. Many butterflies often drink flower nectar, it is very useful, there are many vitamins that are needed for vitality and energy. Another favorite dish of many butterflies are considered to be - rotten fruit. They using their proboscis and suck juice from fruits. In such products contains a lot of water and sugar.

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