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Observation on the walk for sparrows 2018
2016-02-12, 11:12:11

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Guess what kind of bird bounces along the track,
If the cat is not afraid, collects crumbs,
At night roams, steals the seeds.  (Sparrow) .
In: Look, on the roof of a neighboring home sits a Sparrow. It's small. We sat and sat and began to jump. Stopped. Waved his wings, twisted and flew. Look he came to visit us. Let's quietly watch him.
Tell me, guys, which body part is the Sparrow.
E: the Sparrow has a head, torso.
Q: that's Right, the Sparrow has a head, torso. And what does he have legs?
D: Two
In: Well Done! What else have sparrows?
D: The Wings.
Q: we have two. Wings covered with feathers. Also feather covered torso and head of a bird.
Note how the Sparrow eats. He's got a little beak. This beak he seizes the seeds. Look, here's a Sparrow drinking from a puddle.
And like sparrows "talk"?
D: They're not talking, and tweeting.
Q: let's try to bounce like little sparrows.
E: chirp chirp.
Want to play a game of "Sparrows and the car"? (The game).
At the end of reflection:
- Today we watched the sparrows and found out that sparrows are big or small birds? What parts of the body have with these birds? As sparrows move? How to talk to sparrows?

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