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Occupation of school psychologist on the topic: Wild animals 2018
2016-03-06, 15:53:57

Objective: - the development of cognitive, communicative sphere of children.
- vocabulary extension.
- the development of speech and thinking.
- stimulation of attention, training the ability to switch attention.
- development of motor skill, fine motor skills.

Equipment: mark (wild animals) ; colored pencils; handout (maze, leaves with patterns) .


Psychologist. Guys, I'm glad to see you. Let's go say Hello. I touch the feather to its right neighbor and whisper: "Denial, I am glad to see you". Now Denial takes me a feather, touches them to his neighbor on the right and says, "Lena, I'm glad to see you", etc.
The game "Magic box"
Guys, I have magic box, let's see what's inside:
Chest, chest,
Gold plated one side,
Painted cover,
Brass gate valve.
Who will open the chest
In the magical forest you will get!
The game "Collect a picture"
Psychologist. And who lives in the forest? Right, wild animals. In our chest there are cut images, but you need to collect them.
After the assignment, the psychologist asks the children where they live and what they feed on wild animals (wolf, squirrel, deer, rabbit, bear, etc.)
Finger gymnastics "In the HART house great"
Deer --- the Children cross their arms over the head,
The house is large, --- representing the roof.
He looks in my window. --- The arms represent the window
A rabbit runs through the forest, --- the Movement of hands when running
In a door knocking: --- of a Fist to simulate a knock on the door
Knock-knock: - open the Door! --- The thumb over the shoulder
There in the forest, the hunter of evil! --- show that behind the hunter.
- Hare, hare, run! --- Extend hands forward.
Paw give!
(repeat 2-3 times)
The Quest "The Maze"
Help a Bear to find a beehive with honey.
Task "Warning"
On the picture you want to paint only wild animals.
The game "Clap your hands"
Psychologist. Now I'm going to call a different word. When I call a wild animal – clap your hands.
Words: table, book, Bunny, chair, door, vine, wolf, scissors, box, bear, glass, reindeer, roof, wall, watermelon, hedgehog, bed, notebook, squirrel, tea pot, saucer, shelf, coat, ball, tiger, Fox.
The task "Continue the pattern"
Carefully finish the pattern.
The Game "Bears"
Far away in the winter forest in his den sleeping bears. They were nice and snug. But suddenly blew a cold North wind, he slipped through slits in the den, and the cubs began to freeze. They curled into little balls to keep warm. As time passed, the cubs got hot and they went on easier. Let's turn in the cubs and show how they slept. (The game is repeated 2-3 times.)
The game "Relay of friendship"
To join hands and pass the baton as shaking hands.
Psychologist. I will give you my friendship and it goes from me to Sasha, from Sasha to the table, etc. and finally, again coming back to me. I feel that friendship became more, because each added part of their friendship.
Thank you all. In this lesson concludes. Goodbye!

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