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Outline of educational activity "Dress the dolls for a walk" 2018
2016-02-10, 23:08:45

Synopsis educational activities on the topic:

"We'll dress the dolls for a walk" (Junior group)

Objective: encourage children's interest in artistic creativity.


Educational: to foster empathy for game characters, a sense of pride in work done correctly.

Developing: to develop thinking, attention, language, fine motor skills.

Training: learning to distinguish seasonal clothes (summer, winter, carefully use the glue.

Equipment and materials: two dolls, set of clothes (pants, jacket, coat, hat, boots, baby utensils (cups, spoons, plates, sugar bowl, tea pot, cakes, silhouettes colored hats, and gloves, ready geometric shapes (circles, triangles, squares, PVA glue, a brush and a plate to glue, wet wipes.

The course of educational activity:

Teacher: Guys, come to the window, look a little. What we see outside the window (Snow). What snow? (White, fluffy). Where is the snow? (on the track, in the trees). You when went to kindergarten cold, frost pinching you cheeks? (Yes). What time of the year? (Winter)

This is winter!

You covered all the houses,

Christmas tree in hats, dressed up,

A white shawl covered courtyard.
Teacher: you Guys hear something? Listen carefully, it seems to be someone crying. Where could it be? (development dialogue). Into the group come two dolls in summer clothes.

Teacher: Guys, look, it's puppets. But why are they crying? What happened to them? (children's responses). Dolls are dressed in summer clothes. They are very very cold. Why they are cold, why are they cold? (children's responses) .

Teacher: Guys, do you think we can help our dolls? And how do we help them? (children's responses) Dolls need to wear. (Children come to the table, which is winter clothes.)

The teacher reads the poem and children dress their dolls.

Coat, doll warm me,

The crown cap put on!

Ears shut.

To handle gloves,

Integral of small!

Not a cough, don't wait,

The scarf on the neck wear

Winter, very cold outside. And doll froze, invite them to drink hot tea to warm.

Let's set the table. Nancy, bed tablecloth.

Look at all the dishes. What do we need? Right: teapot, cups, sugar bowl, spoons, saucers. This is tea ware.

Guys, dolls we dressed, drink tea, but their girlfriends were left without warm clothes. I have in my hands an envelope. What do you think, what is it? (children's responses) Here hats, gloves and geometric shapes. (The teacher applies them to the caps and gloves, but they don't stick.) And who can tell me how to make so that figures are not falling? (children's responses). They need glue.

Children sit at tables and do the applique.

The analysis of the work, summing up the classes.

So we helped dolls. Now they are warmed up and will always dress for the weather. Do you think they are happy? Why in the winter should dress warmly? And you are glad that helped them? Well done guys, you did some great work, you all have turned out beautiful hats and mittens. And our dolls got to get back home, let's tell them "goodbye! "(the children give the dolls hats and mittens, and say goodbye to them)

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