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Physical activity in the older group, "Journey into summer" (with the use of outdoor games) 2018
2016-06-09, 23:05:50

The aim of the study: the promotion of children's health, overall physical development of children; repetition of mobile games.

Program objectives:    educational:

- development of interest to physical education, daily physical training (the existence of special situations, motivating the children to engage)

- formation of positive qualities conducive to emotional development children (emotional tone)

- raising the aesthetic needs of the individual child

- education of moral and volitional qualities (honesty, determination, courage, persistence, discipline, initiative) .


-health promotion 
(optimal physical activity, physical activity, presence of tempering factors: breathing exercises, the airing of the group prior to exercise, light sports clothing.

- increase the body's resistance to influences of the external environment

- strengthening of the musculoskeletal system and the formation of correct posture


-the formation and development of motor qualities, skills and abilities, such as running, walking, jumping, balance, coordination of movements.

- development of physical abilities (coordination, speed and endurance) .

–facilitate the assimilation problems for all children mastering active games with rules

            Application areas: Physical development, Speech development.

The progress of the class

The presence of children (in sports uniform, marching, with the words: "Start training, get into training, everyone is healthy and happy and ready to engage! "

Build in a line. Group "Equal! ""Attention! "

Guys, come visit us today, let's first we'll greet our guests, and then continue the lesson. The aim of our today's lesson will be a repetition of familiar mobile games, but it will not be only games.

Guys, tell me what time of year? (Winter) Yes, it is winter, the ground covered with white, fluffy snow, cold. So I want these days again to find himself a guest of the summer. Guys, I invite you today to take a trip in the summer. Do you agree?

But before the journey we need to stretch a little to see enough of us forces, because the road was a long one.

Let us now join hands and form a circle. (music)

Today we will warm-up with gymnastic sticks, hard sticks and magic wands that will in difficult times to help us.

Ouro. A set of exercises with gymnastic sticks.

Don't forget that with the sticks need to be very careful, observe safety

1. I. p. : feet at shoulder width, grip the stick at the top. 1 stick forward 2 stick - up 3-forward stick, 4 - stick down

2. I. p. : feet at shoulder width, grip the stick at the top. 1 - stick up (2) - tilt to the right, 3 - stick up 4 - tilt left, 5 – up, 6 – down, I. p.

3. I. p.: legs shoulder-width apart, stick grip on top of 1, 2 - reach down 3, 4-(I. p.)

4. I. p. legs on width of foot, the stick grip at the top. 1 stick forward 2 - squat, 3 - stand 4 - stick down (I. p.)

5. I. p.: legs shoulder-width apart, stick on the shoulders, grip the bottom. 1 - look right 2 - turn the head to the left, 3 – right, NA4 - right turn the head.

Sticks put in place.

Well, well done! You see, we are strong and healthy. Well go on the road?

White fluffy snow

The air is filled with

And silently

Falls, falls

One, two, three will go for a spin

And find yourself in the woods! (PICTURE TINY FOREST)

Here we were in the woods. Look how beautiful it is here. Winter forest is quiet and peaceful. Winter forest covered with fluffy snow. In the woods the fresh air and the invigorating cold.

And now let's walk through a snowy meadow. Ready? Right.

(Walking in a column one by one) (MUSIC CRUNCH of SNOW) .

Here the drifts of snow on the way through them do we have to go

Walking with high knee

On the track of ice slowly marching walking on toes, hands up

To snow not to fail, we should hurry up

Cold in the forest in winter

Ran all over me!

Running will be fun,

Running with us will be warmer".

(Easy run in the column)

Ugh, tired! It is necessary to relax.

"And now, my friends.

Snow you will throw me.

So you played in the snow.

With fun slides slid"

Let us have a snowball fight?

The Game "Snowballs"

Objective: to practice running; to follow the rules of the game. To perform actions according to the text; the formation of positive qualities of character that contribute to the emotional development of children (emotional tone) ; the development of speech.


Guys, don't you think that was somehow warmer, the sun brighter shines. Look around and listen. How do you think what time of year we find ourselves? (SPRING FOREST MUSIC)

We ourselves did not notice that spring has arrived... Let us breathe in the warm spring air: walking for each other. Breathing exercises.

And the guys in the spring when the snow melts, what appears? Properly, puddles, streams and protalinki.

View here and on the way we caught protalinki. And now we will play a game "From hummock to hummock". Guys, imagine that all around us the snow melted and formed huge puddles. We will jump on protalinki (hoops not to soak the legs and not to go back. But first, we settle on the first or second and see which team is faster cope with the task of the game.

Calculated on the first-second from Ruslan.

The aim of the game: agility, endurance; the consolidation of the skill of the long jump on two legs.

Rules: you need to jump on two feet from Hoop to Hoop. When the first member pripryat, it starts the second. (Show) (MUSIC FOR the GAME is ANY FUN)

Well done! All stand in a circle.

Guys, feel even warmer?

The air became even warmer. The grass appeared greenish. Let's breathe in this warm air. Breathing exercises

"We go step by step, raise your hands, Breathe, breathe and sing soon in summer we will come! "


Guys, look who is on the tree? (Owl)

Owl, and the boys know the game of the same name? (YES, Owl - owl) Want to play? Yes Owl, we will have.... (one of the kids says)

Mobile game Sovushka"

On one side of the hall is indicated by the nest of sowosky. The nest is placed in the driving sovushka. The rest of the play depict birds, butterflies, beetles, etc.; they scatter around the room. After a while the teacher says: "the Night! ". Stop playing on the spot in the position in which they found the night. Sovushka takes off from its nest, flaps its wings and looks who moves. The one who moved, he takes her to his nest, and the teacher says: "Day! "Butterflies, beetles, birds come alive again and begin to whirl, to fly. After two missions on the hunt counts the number caught. Select another doll. Change the job: everybody stand on one leg or with arms raised up.

Goal: the development of balance, climbing the gymnastics ladder. The development of attention.

Well done, good owls we have attentive.

Became quite warm, hot... .(PICTURE SUMMER, MUSIC)

Flowers around, butterflies... .to visit what time of year were we? (SUMMER) well got, and now you can relax, sit on lawn: "children Close eyes, imagine that we are in a fairy tale. We like flowers on the meadow forest, we warmed by the sun, washed by the dew. We reach up, the petals open and a gentle breeze rocking us softly. Let's play a game of "guess who's calling"

Objective: the development of hearing, attention.

The game: playing sitting. One of them is in the center of the circle and closes his eyes. The teacher, without mentioning the name, pointing at someone from playing. He pronounces the name of standing in the center. Last have to guess who it was named. If standing in the center of guessed it, he opens his eyes and changes places with the one who called him by name. If he makes a mistake, the teacher invites him again to close his eyes, and the game continues

Well, that ended our journey, it is time for us to go back to kindergarten. I want to tell you very important words:

Fresh air breathe

If possible, always.

For walks in the woods go

It will cure you always

To health save.

To strong, to be strong.

With physical education and sport

Children: we Really need you to be friends!

One, two, three circled

In the garden we found ourselves!

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