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Physical educational lesson "Our body" Senior age 2018
2016-06-10, 08:30:09

Physical - cognitive activity on the topic "Our body". Senior age.
Equipment: Poster with the image of the human skeleton, the poster sequence of movements, the sandbags on the number of children, 2 Hoop.
Objectives: 1) Educational: to continue to acquaint children with the function of the skeletal and muscular system in the human body with the aim of forming a view about the importance of physical culture to strengthen the body. To continue training in performing on the basis of already accumulated experience of the children. 2) Educational: the development of positive moral qualities of a child: companionship, mutual assistance, self-sufficiency. Education psycho-physical qualities: agility, quickness, strength. 3) Wellness: Strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular system. 4) Developing: to Develop locomotor activity.

The progress of the class.
       Part 1: Build to line. Alignment. The bends: "On the right! ", "Left! ", "Circle! ". Build in column one. Walking in a column one by one. Walking task: 1) "We walk, we walk, his hands raised upwards, To the sides they will raise, lower Down and go" walking with arm movements upwards, sideways, downwards, in the walk. 2) "We walk through the snow, through the snow crotalum" - walking lunges. 3) "think bigger foot, paved the way' - walking with high lifting hips. 4) "skating we will sarkolizin, one after the other will run" - an easy run. 5) "we are Not afraid of newly-fallen snow, catch snow clap your hands! Hand in hand, at the seams! Snow enough for you and us"- Hand in hand, cotton and down in front of him. 6) "Big feet know, run like the grey wolf" - running stride. 7) "now set to work: will we skillfully jump" - jumping in various ways. 8) "the Nose now inhale and breath hold. The exhaled air through the mouth, "Puff! "we're talking later." - exercise to restore breathing.

     Part 2: building a 3 link.
          Instructor: - Children, today we'll learn what you're made of and what happens inside you when you exercise. To start, touch your arms, legs, face. – Are they hard or soft? Children:- soft. –Why don't we fall? Children: Because we have within us the bones. – Correctly. Support our body is a skeleton, through which we maintain our form. If the skeleton is inside we weren't, our body would be like a shapeless jelly-like bag with his head dangling limply on a thin neck, and flexible, like plasticine, hands and feet. Without a skeleton we would not be able to stand, take a step, raise your hands. They, like the bag, would lie without movement. And so, we have within us the bones, but the bones themselves are very fragile. How do you think how do they become stronger? Children: - through the skin, muscles and meat. – Of course, keep bones and perform the load of the muscles. And it is very important to strengthen the muscles, so today we'll going to do this. Let us now consider the images of the athletes. – And you want to be like them? Children: - Yes! - What do you think do we need to do? Children: exercise! - That's right, during the movement, we train the muscles. Let's move a little, but to do this we will gradually.

Looking at the diagram of the execution sequence of movements.

Now I'm going to ask you to remember those exercises by which we train the muscles of the neck, arms, shoulders, belt and legs. Children perform exercises according to the schemes - illustrations. (2-3 exercises, rest for memory.

Gymnastics completes the screening exercises for all muscle groups: "a Cat licking cream". Motto: "Beauty is the key to health, engage in health". Rebuilding in column one. Build in a line. Principal movements:

1) Throwing with sand bags in the Hoop. "Who can LOB to the Hoop"- 2 times - This exercise will help you to discover how strong your arm muscles. 2) Jumping on two feet to guide. "Who continue to jump" - This exercise will help you to discover how strong the muscles of the legs. 3) Mobile game: "Spider and flies". Is a game to train different groups of muscles. Part 3: Build in a row. – Guys, we learned a lot in class and at home can teach the weekend to do exercises correctly, their parents. – The lesson is over. The final walk leaving the group.

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