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Plan walks "watching pigeons" 2020

Move: to have the children watch the pigeons. With the disappearance of the insects flew many birds, which they feed: swallows, Swifts, starlings. Late fall is becoming less and feed for the pigeons, they fly closer to the people.

Educator proposes to consider the habits of birds, their flight. To consider the structure of a feather, of which it consists. Flight feathers for flight, down – to warm the body. The shaft of feathers filled the air, so the birds stay in the air. Can I experience on the flight feathers. What better feathers flying in the air, why?

Doves fly fast, overcoming great distances. During the flight the wings produce a whistling pigeons. They have an extraordinary memory for the places of nesting and attachment to the selected housing. Family dove couples are in a lifetime. Males can be distinguished by distinct cooing, fanned tail, bowing before the female. Females are smaller, the color of the feathers faded. All pigeons are different from each other in color, the color scheme is very diverse. These birds are very well developed sight and hearing, so it is difficult to sneak up on pigeons. Looking for its food on the ground, pigeons and a lot of hard running, so they are considered nimble and hardy birds. Pigeons are the only birds that can drink water by sucking it, not lifting his head for every SIP.

The dove is called the bird of peace. According to legend, the God of war Mars was not to be at war because a dove had made a nest in his combat helmet. A fearsome warrior did not dare to destroy a birds nest, and war was averted. Since then, the dove has become a symbol of peace and friendship.

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