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Project "Our universe" (correctional preparatory group) 2018
2016-03-03, 05:19:00

Objective: to contribute to the development of cognitive and intellectual abilities of children.
To promote the formation of children's basic ideas about the Universe and planets of the Solar system (their characteristics, location relative to the Sun, the orbits of the motion) ;
to arouse children's interest in planet Earth, the desire to learn more about its place in space;
to develop their learning experiences in a generalized form with the help of visual AIDS (symbols, conditional deputies, models) ;
to maintain the interest of the children to the adult world and their diverse activities, shaping children's ideas about the human role in the study and exploration of outer space.

The project stages:
I Initial stage
II project Development (planning)
III Execution of the project
IV Presentation

I Initial stage
1. Project title: "Unknown universe"
2. Age of children: 6 – 7 years
3. Type of project: collective
4. Duration: average duration
5. Problem: Secrets of the stars, space, planets always extremely attract guys. But how to explain to preschoolers the Solar system and what is the universe?
6. Participants: caregivers, children, speech pathologist, music teacher, parents.
7. Expected result:

the expansion of knowledge and the interest of the children to the Universe
the development of children's interest in the search cognitive activity,
making crafts and papers on the topic "universe".
II project Development
1. Analysis of the problem:
We know that in heaven there are the sun, moon and stars. And there far in the sky from different planets.
We want to know what the sun, moon and stars and what are they, and what are the planets? Fly astronauts, and how they live there?
Who will help us to know?
You can ask adults to talk, read books; to watch TV, go to the library.
2. Preliminary work:
Selection of materials, manuals and literature on the theme of space, visiting the planetarium, visiting, reading of literature, including children's encyclopedias; learning songs and poems; the observation of the sun, moon, stars, in different seasons and in different parts of the day.
3. Equipment and materials:
Illustration on the theme of space, portraits of inventors, astronauts; audio CD "Tales of outer space"; didactic games; globe, ball magnet, magnetic man, torch, sundial layout for experimentation.
4. The development of the plan.
III Execution of the project
Informative-speech development
Cognitive interviews: "Our universe", "space Pioneers", "Planets of the Solar system, Earth – our planet"
Experimentation: "Why is it day and night, summer and winter? ", "The earth is a sphere", "Why everything falls to the Ground?" modeling solar hours
The observation of the stellar sky, the moon, the sun, for parts of the day (change, duration, seasons
Excursion to the library
FAN: "Journey into space"
Reading fiction
Reading "How a boy became an astronaut" (stories about Yuri Gagarin, memorizing star nursery rhymes, poems about space, looking at and reading children's encyclopedia, "Protecting the planet"
Artistic and aesthetic development
Drawing: "a Distant star", "the Mysterious planet".
Construction paper: "Rocket in space".
Modeling "Modeling planetarium", "Funny aliens".
Learning songs about space, the dance "little Stars".
Physical education
Sports leisure "Cosmic journey",
Outdoor games "Planet formation", "burn, burn clear".
Social-communicative development
Role-playing game, "Investigation of a new planet", a construction game "Cosmodrome", didactic games "Fourth wheel" "Audio lost", "What time of year? ""When it happens? "puzzles "Starry sky"
Work with parents
A reminder to parents
The collection of material, literature about space.
The planetarium
Watching TV shows about space
Making crafts and posters

IV Presentation
An exhibition of posters and Handicrafts "Our universe";

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