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Scenario quiz "What? Where? When?" valeology children of the senior group "be your own doctor" 2018
2016-05-02, 21:21:24

The organization of classes. Children are placed in chairs at round tables. Creates a situation of emancipation.
Methodical recommendations.
1. Children are divided into two teams.
2. On the table at the teacher is a rotating drum, which laid out the envelopes with the tasks. Sent them "to the public" — fairy-tale characters. Children — some team members take turns to spin the wheel and take the envelope, which is indicated by the arrow. If the arrow will point to an empty place, take the nearest envelope, located in the direction of rotation, if the drum is not the teacher lays the envelopes on the table 1, and select any of them.
3. In each envelope there for the team. Some jobs have a game character.
The majority of the assignments are educational. Their goal is to consolidate the children's knowledge about the addressed problem. Therefore, the teacher seeks to answers of this type were full, profound, exhaustive. The trick is given for the response in General. The more collective the response, the more he acquires knowledge of each individual child.
4. The teacher is committed to work with the minimum loss of time. The command to hear the opponent's response, add to it and even gets his chips.
5. At the end count the number of chips earned by teams, the conclusion about the winner. Strive for a "victory of friendship" should not be: children should get a taste of struggle.
6. The sequence of questions in the class will be random.
7. The "cost" of equal value: one is given just one chip, others have several. The teacher takes steps to those and other issues across each team with the same frequency.
During the lesson
- Guys, today we play a game called what? Where? When? To do this, we split into two teams. Team "Hefty" and "Boyfriends". The theme of our game is called "Sam your doctor", because all last week we spent a week health. As we have said, health is power, beauty when the mood is good and everything works. And today think about how we can help yourself to improve your health.
Took a seat at the round table and let's start our game.
- On my Desk is a drum, on which lay an envelope. In each envelope there is a job for teams. The captains will take turns to approach the drum, spin it and take the envelope, which is indicated by the arrow. For each correct answer the team gets a chip. In the end we will count the chips and see who won.
The issue with the sink: (for both teams) to guess the riddles and to find it.
Escapes as a living,
But will not release it to me.
White foam foams,
Hand wash is not lazy.
I wouldn't be in forests,
And mustache, the hair.
And my teeth already
Than wolves, bears.
Plastic back,
Stiff bristle,
Friends, toothpaste,
We have difficult.
I wipe to try
After bathing the boy.
All wet, all creased up –
A dry region.
*Question from the game: (both teams combined) :
- Team "hefty": "put in a bowl the foods that have a lot of vitamins".
Command: "put the plate in products that have no vitamins."
(Each team is given a plate with a set of 8 products.)
*Question from the city Floral: knowing over the summer has grown, got a suntan, read a lot of books, maybe 5 times to catch up. But the dummy is almost grown, Soto recovered strongly, and in recent times the eye doctor gave him glasses. Good thing the tooth stopped hurting. Why did this happen? (the job runs on the interactive whiteboard). Teams must find photos that show you how to spend your summer day knowing and circle it in green marker, and the pictures showed spent dunno how your day was to circle the red marker.
*A note from a doctor Pilulkin: (both teams) :
team "Hefty" : 1. Find and attach the card, which shows that it is useful for eyes, and things that are harmful for the eyes.
The Team Of "Burly": 2. Find and paste a map that shows how to eat right and how not to eat.
Pause music under the audio recording of "robot Bronislav"
*Question from Malvina: "how to behave, to prevent germs enter the body? "(Correct answers: brushing teeth, washing hands before eating, after a walk and a visit to the toilet, to wash vegetables and fruits, wash the items dropped on the floor, clean the apartment, do not swallow the grass and other objects found on the streets, not to stroke strange animals, etc.)
* Question from Princess Nesmeyana: "guys, tell me why I always want to cry? How do I recover from this disease? "(Because the body lacks vitamins, you need to eat oatmeal, nuts, peas, brown bread and to drink milk.)
Question from Cinderella:
Let's count the number of chips earned each team.
Today you worked. I see on your faces a smile. It is very good! After all, joyful, good mood helps our health. Sullen, angry and irritable people easily succumbs to illness. Good mood and smile – as protection from diseases. Let us often give each other smiles.
I wish you all good health!
(Doctor Construction)
The doctor: (nervously) Hello guys! You will not prompt, whether correctly I came to you. I was so excited! I ran so much! Even the address was lost! But I heard somewhere that children of the senior group of the kindergarten gathered in the game What? Where? When?
Teacher: Yes! Right. But, doctor, our children are perfectly healthy! Why did you come to us?
Dolittle: I brought the children vitamins. (Gives children a basket of fruit, the children thank Dr. Dolittle and say goodbye to the guests) .

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