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"Basketball is the favorite game of" physical education of boys 2018
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Work involves the application of different techniques to improve the motor activity of children during physical education classes:

1. The use of different ways of organizing the children (frontal, production, group training, individual) .

2. Available, a brief explanation of the tasks and the proper screening exercise.

3. The activation of cognitive activity of the child.

4. Situations created for the manifestation of qualities (determination, courage, resourcefulness, endurance) .

5. Variability of outdoor games.

6. The correct, rational use of physical exercise equipmen

    While working with children in a differentiated approach the dosage physical exercises, given the different level of physical preparedness children.

Basketball are different qualities of speed, ball handling (dribbling, passing, accuracy) .Basketball game group fosters a sense of camaraderie, mutual support, courage, will and

the desire to win. Basketball is one of the favorite sports of the boys.

Goal: to teach the children of senior preschool age items game basketball.

Objectives: to Teach the techniques of possession of ball: throw a snake between the reference points;throwing the ball into the basketball Hoop.

               Exercise in the high jump.

Reinforce the skills of throwing the medicine ball for distance.

To work out the elements of basketball: shoot at different targets (outdoor, Educate volitional qualities: endurance, endurance, courage, agility, focus, will and desire to win, a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

To foster a sense of patriotism through the desire to defend the honor of the kindergarten.,

Equipment: basketball stands ; stand for the high jump; gym Mat ;gymnastics bench; medicine ball – 1 kg; 2 small-diameter ball; 4 outdoor guide.


Under the March included the boys ' team, lined up in a row.

Instructor: basketball player should be physically prepared.

1. He should be well and run a lot, jump high.

2. It needs to be accurate to hit the target – a basketball Hoop.

3. To be dexterous to run away or Dodge

The children are rearranged in a column.

1. The walk of assignments: on the toes, heels, backwards, high knee in the full squat (goose step) .

2. Running, changing direction of the motion (diagonal, snake through the middle of the room).

3. Walking on restoring breathing (dolphins, goldfish, octopus). Rebuilding in 4 columns.

Ouro (without subject)

1. I. p. O. S.

1-4 – hands through the sides up,

5-8 – I. p.

Repeat 3 times slowly.

2. I. p. legs on width of shoulders, hands on waist.

1-8 – circular rotation of the head to the left,

1-4 –tilts his head up and down.

9-16 – same right.

Repeat 2 times.

3. I. p. legs on width of shoulders, hands along a trunk.

1-8 – shoulders up and down.

Repeat 1 times.

4. I. p. O. S.

1-2 – polarised, HANDS FORWARD

3 -4 I. P.

Repeat 4 times.

5. I. p. legs on width of shoulders, hands up.

1 – hands TO the SHOULDERS,

2 – I. p.

3 -4 – the same

5-6– lean forward, straight arms

7-8 I. P

.Repeat 4 times.

6. I. p. O. S.

1 – my burpees,

2 – the push-up position,

3 – an emphasis having sat down,

4 – I. p.

Repeat 6 times.

The children are rearranged in 1 column (flow method)

1. High jump (with space) .

2. Throwing the medicine ball for distance.

3. The high jump with a touch of the OBJECT suspended on a rope.

4. Jump: jump over the gymnastic bench with support on hand.

5. Throw in a basketball Hoop.

INSTRUCTOR: You showed your physical qualities. Well done! But

the athlete should not only to Shine the force, but also to be smart. Answer the following questions:

1. Name the sports that use ball. (basketball, volleyball, handball, football, water Polo, etc.)

2 How many points are given for getting into the basket (two points) .

3. The main difference between basketball of volleyball. (in basketball throw the ball through the Hoop and the volleyball over the net) .

4. Image account at the stadium (scoreboard)

5. The winner of the competition (champion)

After the sports quiz children are divided into two teams – the “Orange ” and “Tangerine ”. Held relay with elements of basketball.


1. Keeping the ball snake floor between the 4 benchmarks, running back with the ball in his hands.

2. Whose team will score more goals in the basket (distance 2 m) .

3. Medley relay: dribbling the ball between 2 reference points and throw the ball into the ring.

The building in single file and summing up.

Rewarding teams.

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