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Synopsis for introduction to socio-cultural values "Tour in medicine Cabinet" 2018
2016-03-06, 21:35:53

Educational field of "Cognitive development"
Goal. To introduce children to the profession of paramedic. to show her office. To talk about the benefits of working nurses.
- to continue to acquaint children with the profession of a physician; to tell children that not all foods are good;
- to show the importance of doctor role-play "Hospital"

- pictures of food illustration a picture of doctors of various specialties (dentist, surgeon, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist)
- selection of literature (riddles about doctors)
- gaming material for a role-playing game "Hospital"

Children on their chairs sit in a semicircle
Children, today we have an unusual lesson today, we came to visit our doctor- the doctor Vera. She will tell us about this profession, that not all food is useful, and will give you a tour of her office.
And who are these doctors?
The teacher and the doctor Vera listen version children.
the doctor Vera:
Children, what do you think, what products are harmful and which are helpful?
The doctor listens to the version of children.
the doctor Vera shows the card with the picture of the products and comment on them. Tells what nutrients they contain and how they affect the body.
the doctor Vera P tells who are the doctors what specialty they are (shows pictures dentist, surgeon, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist)
The teacher thinks of riddles.
Pediatrician don't be afraid,
Don't worry, calm down,
And, of course, don't cry,
It's just a baby ...

This doctor not just a doctor,
He treats people the eye,
Even if you see bad,
See you all in the glasses.

This doctor you nose will wash out,
Can could stuff cotton wool, mouth open –
Will throat check
In the ears will make tampons.
Everyone knows from long ago:
He is a serious person,
This doctor is called.

(an otolaryngologist)
Now, if on a chair,
Quickly take the place
Open your mouth wider,
Wait: the doctor will be.
Will hold in the teeth of excavations,
Fillings and make brackets
The patient will remove the shard.
This is wonderful.

(dentist) .
the doctor Vera invites you into his office.
During the tour she talks about her work: why we need a measuring growth and scale, and invites the children to measure their height and weight. the doctor Vera shows the closet and explains why we need iodine, brilliant green, cotton, bandage, plaster, tissue paper, hydrogen peroxide. With the help of spatulas checks the throat in children. In conclusion, the doctor Vera treats guys Vitamin and wish all the children good health.
Children say goodbye to the doctor and go with a tutor in a group. There to secure the material, the boys play role-playing game-"Hospital".

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