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Synopsis immediate educational activities for the experimentation in the older group, "Properties of air" 2018
2016-05-09, 11:43:42

Organizational moment:
- Children, today I invite you to play the game, which is called "Science lab". Do you know what lab? That's right - this is the room where carried out various experiments and studies. In the lab on the tables is a necessary equipment for conducting experiments.
Can I, as an older take on the role of the head of the lab? (puts on gown, cap, glasses). And you will scientific laboratory staff. All our laboratory staff have to follow some rules.
Rule # 1. On the tables not to touch anything without the permission of the head.
Rule # 2. To keep quiet, not to interfere with other work.
Rule # 3. The contents of the vessels not to taste it.
Rule # 4. Carefully handle the equipment.
Job - put in place.
Rule # 5. Remember - some experiments can only be performed in the presence of adults.
- Today we will be exploring, you know, after guessing the riddle.
We need it to breathe
To the balloon to inflate.
Next to us every hour,
But we cannot see it for us.
What is it? (Air)
- Correct air. Today I, as head of the science lab, I suggest that staff studied the properties of air and concluded, whether the air people, animals. And, if necessary, then what.
Caregiver offers children offers children to go to the lab and take their jobs.
"Look I brought you these balls. Who knows what color they are? (Red and blue)
- What do they call these balls? (Air)
- And you know why they call it that? (Because inside the bulb there is air)
- And where the air came in the balls? (He appeared there, when the ball is inflated) .
It means we've got air. Let's check it.
- Before every one of you on the table are glasses and lay the pipe. Let's poduim in the tubule lowered in a glass of water. And let's see what happens with water. (Bubbles come out)
- The bubbles? How they got there? In the same glass of water was? (Answers)
-Bubbles is the air that is inside of us. We blow into a tube, and it comes out in the form of bubbles. But to blow another, we first inhale the new air, and then exhaled through a tube and work out the bubbles.
- Let us continue to explore the air and move on to the next experience.
-Tell me, can you see the air. (None)
- Yes you are right guys, the air is clear. In this lab, thanks to one experience we will try to see the air. Take a plastic bag. View. What's in it? (Blank) .
- Yes, it is empty, it can be folded several times. Now we'll get the package in the air and twists the package. What happened to the package? Indeed the package has changed shape, it's full of air. What's it like?
-The air took all the space in the bag. Now untie the package and let the air out. What has changed? The package was again empty. I wonder why?
Now we were convinced that the air is clear, and to see it, he needs to be caught. And we were able to do it. We caught the air and locked him in the bag. And then released it. So, air is around us, and how do you think we'll be able to feel the air?
-In order for us to feel it, we need to make fans. Take a sheet of paper and begin to fold like an accordion. So.
And now wave a fan at yourself. What do we feel?
Properly, we feel a breeze. How else can you feel the air?
-You can blow on your hand. Again the wind is blowing.
The p. T. break
The wind is blowing from the heights,
Bent grasses and bushes (arms up, bending)
Right – left, left - right
Laden flowers and herbs (hands on hips, tilts)
Now, let's get together
All jump on the spot (jumping)
Higher! Fun! That's it!
Go a step (walk)
That ended the game,
It is time for us to do (sit down)
- What do you think, we will see if we can hear the air (Answers)
-Actually the sound is caused when there is a very rapid movement of air forward, it is called oscillation. Repeat like this is called a (vocabulary work) .
- Look, I have a tin whistle, it is possible to let a fast jet of air? (Yes)
-Thanks to the whistle we could hear the air? We can also another way to hear the air (the air produced from rubber toys)
Tell me, do air have a smell? (None)
- That's right, the air has no smell. We'll conduct another study. Take the peel of an orange, remember her. What do you feel? (Smells like orange)
-Do you think it smells like air or orange peel makes this fragrance? (This is the crust)
-So, the smell is transmitted through the air and we feel it.
Summing up:
-The guys you like experiments about the air?
-Let's make the conclusion that the air can be felt using a fan, to see, catching the bag, to hear through the whistle. But it turns out in the air, and play, and will help in the bubbles.
Children blow soap bubbles, music.

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