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Synopsis integrated classes in the older group, "Looking at the branches of spruce and pine" 2018
2016-05-09, 17:14:21

Educational objectives:

To consolidate and deepen the children's knowledge about spruce and pine, as the representatives of coniferous trees. To form skill to compare these trees, to see between them similarities and differences. Learning to draw the sprigs of spruce and pine. Exercise children in the formation of the plural of nouns and their agreeing with the word many. To develop creativity, connected speech, fine motor skills.

Educational objectives:

To raise cognitive interest and respect for the trees, to understand the value of each tree. To foster a culture of verbal communication.

Material and equipment: Sending, letter, sprigs of spruce and pine, with spruce and pine cones, paintings-spruce, pine. Sheets of paper, colored pencils.

The progress of the class.

This morning when I came to kindergarten, saw this parcel. You want to know what's in it. (And I do) .

Guys, here's the letter. Let's read:

"Dear children! Sending you a Bunny. Yesterday erupted in a strong wind and broken branches, and decided to donate them to you. I just don't know what they're trees. I think you know! Goodbye, Bunny! ".

Here is a letter wrote us a Bunny.

-You want to look at twigs? Then guess which tree these branches. They have needles and they are green all year round.

Correct tree (for the show, but there is still one sprig. If trees could talk, this tree would be introduced as follows: "I Have longer needles than the tree did you, what kind of a tree? Correct it is pine.

- Pine and spruce are similar to each other. What? (Children's responses). They have needles and they are green all year round. And to never confuse these two trees, note prigovoru:

"Tree – short needle.

Pine – needle long".

Children repeat in unison, then one 2-3 people.

- Look at these branches.

Locate fir twig and look at it.

-Touch the fingers to the needles, RUB her.

-What is it?

And now take a sprig of pine in his hands. What color is it? Touch the tips of the needles, smell.

How do they differ? And what is similar?

- Growing spruce and pine slowly. From fallen cones poured on the ground seeds. Here's a bump fir (the show, and this pine cone (display). In the spring from seed, a sprout comes up with a length of mouse tail, and tip him a few gentle needles. Many years will pass until this sprout will become a tree. It is justly said: "No wonder to cut, tricky to grow". How do you understand this saying? (Children's responses) .

- Instead of the leaves of pine and spruce needles. But not correct to call needles, and needles. Needles are the leaves of coniferous trees. And even though we know that coniferous trees in winter and summer in one color", needles persist on the tree for several years, and then fall off, but not all at once. Who of you have ever been in a coniferous forest, I could see under the trees, the carpet of fallen needles.

-The tree from which fall leaves are called deciduous. What deciduous trees do you know? (answers of children)

Visminda "trees in the forest"

Hands lifted him and shook

The trees in the forest, (smooth swinging their hands in the air)

Arms bent, hands shook

The wind knocks down the dew, (shake hands in front of him)

The hand - wave smoothly

It is to us birds fly.

As they sit, will also show

- Wings folded back. (2 times)

Look at the pictures and tell whether the same are growing branches of the pine and spruce?

-How do they differ?

-That's right, pine branches grow upward, and eating downward. Therefore Crohn's in rare pine, and spruce thick. The fir-tree branches located close to each other, a lot of them.

- Under the pines grow mushrooms aspen mushrooms, the branches of the birds nest, squirrels arranged in the hollow of their homes.

- Spruce – very hardy tree. Not afraid of even the most severe frosts. But the roots of the tree grow close to the surface of the earth, so a strong wind can fell a tree. And pine roots are very strong and long. Pine trees can grow among the rocks, and on sand, the winds are dangerous for them. But the fear of the pine, so it is lack of sun. Pine trees love sunlight and grow where light.

The game is "One-many"

Suggested words children add the words "lot" and call the specified word in the plural.

Spruce - many spruce trees.

Pine –lots of pine trees.

Needles –lots of needles.

Bump - lots of cones.

Wood – lots of wood.

Branch – a lot of branches.

Tree – many trees.

The root – many roots.

- And now I want you to draw a Bunny rabbit sprigs of spruce and pine.

-Well done guys, you did a good job today while out on a walk again observe and compare the spruce and pine.

- Our business is finished, and after a NAP we try to do crafts from cones.

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