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Synopsis music classes for the younger group - "Bear" 2018
2016-04-08, 22:50:36

The head plays the piece "the Bear"
Guys, guess the riddle:
He all winter in a fur coat slept,
Paw brown sucked.
And woke up and started crying.
This beast is a forest...
Children: Bear.
(children came to visit bear - you can use toy)
Acquaintance. Appear to the visitor: "bear", - marking the syllables on the drum. Children call their names in syllables (you can use the claps)
Long bear slept in his den and hungry. Need to feed him. He proposes to invite over for tea to her neighbour (wasp)
The children close their eyes and hearing are trying to determine who may be a neighbor of the bear. The head, changing the dynamics of the sound that simulates the sound of a flying bee. Show children how bees fly.
Supervisor: "the bee is flying, approaching, circling around the children and flies away."
Children sing a song about a wasp
A. Ostrovsky, "About the wasp"
Children soothe bear and promise him to dance the dance of "Brown Bear" (Muz. and CL. M. Kartushino)
Manager: Guys, Bear really liked our guest, but he is very tired and wants to sleep. Let's say goodbye to the bear and tell him goodbye.
Today we did a good job, let's clap hands -, we big fellows.
Today our lesson is over. Goodbye, guys.

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