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Synopsis OD on cognitive development, "Forest-our wealth" 2018
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Developing: to develop imagination, creativity, creative perception;

Educational: to expand children's ideas about nature conservation, to lay down rules of conduct in nature; to give a basic understanding of the relationship between man and nature;

Educational: to form a caring and protective attitude to the natural environment;


• gaming (using surprise points)

• verbal (reminder, indication, questions, individual responses children)

• visual (presentation, use of illustrations to the topic)

• analysis classes, self-esteem.

Visual teaching tools: slides with images to promote emoticons.

information and communication technology tools:

presentation, projector, screen, record the poem.


Part 1 introductory (organizational time) ;

2 the main part (discussion, questions, stories) ;

Part 3 final (self-evaluation) .

The lesson:

Teacher: Children, today, April 22, marked a big occasion — international Mother Earth day. Earth day is a worldwide holiday, the day our common cozy home.

Why we need to cherish the Earth? She's great, it at all enough – so some would say. But the answer is simple: without it we cannot live a single day. She feeds, waters, warms, gives to breathe and protects from meteorites. Yes, the Earth is huge, but she's one of us. And scientists say she's the only one suitable for human life. No one knows if the person at least a day to survive on some other planet. Now people are divorced billions. Not only that, nature needs to feed everyone, yet everyone wants a house, a car and a bunch of stuff. To do this, build factories, work mines, and from the earth's oil pump, although you can use the energy of water, sun, wind. Smoke and other emissions from production into the atmosphere, into the soil and into the water.

"We love our Land! ", -

But it is just words.

Let's, by all means,

To do good deeds.

Put somewhere in the tree,

Clean the local pond,

Good Earth will answer us,

Pojawi hundreds of hands.

Guys, today I received a video message with an appeal to us from the planet Earth. Let's look at the screen and listen to it:

Good people, Wake up, but rather take a look: You also have nowhere to live If the Earth is not to love! You protect me, And protecting from dirt, I want the birds sang To the forest rustled around To blue skies, To the river of silver To the butterfly sported, And was on the berries of Rosa! I want the sun warmed, And the birch was green, And lived under the tree prickly hedgehog. So the squirrel jumped To the rainbow sparkled, always fun To Lil rain.

Plot: Guys, on me the birds disappear, I disappear flowers. Every year it is more noticeable. Forest of joy, a world of beauty leave me forever. I become dirtier and poorer day by day.

Teacher: Children, we need to do something to help our planet. Read the poem:

There is in nature a balance, you can not Break it. In life it is very important for you and For me. What would be the equilibrium, it is Necessary to you, to us, friends do Not throw waste And do not pollute the sea. Less travel by cars Not to let out the smoke of factories, That did not fly in the atmosphere And did not do there holes. Less wrappers, papers You on the street throw! Train yourself, you, dexterity: Just get in the ballot box. And when he wants to throw You a piece of paper in the basket, You think of nature - We still live here as like!

The teacher: have children each green, leafy friend, good. He will stretch hundreds of hands and we breathe will help. You are talking about? Children: About the forest. Teacher: Right, about the forest. There is not a man, whose life was not associated with the forest. However, with each passing day, more and more forests need to be protected. Let's close our eyes and pretend we're in the woods. That surrounds around us?

Children: Trees, meadow, Creek, animals, birds and many more (Slide with the picture of a forest). Teacher: Guys, what benefits we get from forests? Children: In the forest we collect mushrooms, berries and herbs. Teacher: Right children, but also mushrooms and berries forest gives us a lot of useful. In the woods everything is fine. The forest adorns the earth, and therefore human life, but not one renowned for the beauty of the forest. The forest retains moisture, helping the man grow a good crop. And how can breathe freely and easily in the woods! Forest – a huge factory of oxygen necessary for all life on earth. The forest is home to animals and birds, amazing pantry inexhaustible wealth. Wood is the gift of the forest. It is used for the construction of dwellings, in shipbuilding, for making furniture. During chemical processing of wood it is possible to obtain paper, artificial fur, rubber, paints, varnishes, medicines. The trees emit to air a special volatile substances that kill many disease-causing microbes. Therefore, forest is the most healthy place for people to rest. (The story of an educator is accompanied by a slide show). Guys, look, what a wonderful clearing we are and I would like for her to spend with you physical activities and training:

The wind blows over the fields,

And sways the grass. (Children shake hands smoothly over his head.)

The cloud floats above us,

Like a white mountain. (Stretch hands upwards.)

Wind dust over the field is.

Bend ears —

Left and right, back and forth,

And then Vice versa. (Tilts from side to side, front to back.)

We climb the hill, (Walk in place.)

There is a little rest. (Children sit down.)

Guys, look, near our clearing, there is another clearing. But what happened with this clearing. Someone's been in here before us? The teacher invites children to look at the slide about what clearing was to visit people. Find the differences (answers of children). Guys, what will happen to the meadow if people are gonna be here another ten times? The teacher stumbles on a bottle. "How much garbage! "(children collecting bottles in the package). In the woods we visit, and to be a good guest, you need to follow the rules of conduct:

"The walk"

We arrived at the river

Sunday to spend,

And free place

Near the river!

Sitting there and sitting there:

Sunbathe and eat

Rest like want

Hundreds of adults and children!

We were on the river Bank

And polyanochke found.

But on the Sunny meadow

Here and there - empty cans

And as if to spite us,

Even broken glass!

We were on the river Bank,

The place is new found.

But here before us was sitting;

Too drunk, too spruce,

The fire burned paper burned -

Made a mess and left!

We were, of course, by.

- Hey, guys! - shouted Dima.

- Here a place where though!

Spring water!

Wonderful view!

Beautiful beach!

Unpack Luggage!

We swam,


The fire burned

Played football -

Had fun as I could!

Drank kvass,

Ate canned food,

Choral songs were sung.

Rested and gone!

And left in a clearing

From extinct fire:

Us two broken bottles,

Two sodden bagels -

In short, the garbage mountain!

We arrived at the river

Monday to spend,

Only clean place

Near the river! (S. Mikhalkov) .

The Game "Beetle". Children lead the eyes and say the sound W-W-W then quieter, then louder. Teacher: Guys, did you know that the worst enemy of the forest? Children: No. Teacher: Is fire. (Slide)

Forest is burning — crackling and smoke, the animals run away: "Burn! "The flame breaks into the open. Someone not filled ... /fire/

Guys, fire is the biggest danger in the woods. Remember the following rule: "Never a fire without an adult", "don't play with matches". Remember these rules. Guys, as with adults until firefighters arrived to extinguish a small fire? (a small fire can be filled with earth, sand, pour water, cover with a wet cloth). And who knows what phone number to call and call for help firemen? Children: Room - 01. Teacher: well Done guys. Children, please remember that! From one tree you can make lots and lots of matches, but one match can burn a lot of trees. And now, let's play a game called "YES AND NO", and learn how you remembered all the rules.

While parents gather mushrooms, let's build a fire (NO). To the fire quickly extinguished, add dry leaves (NO). Mom, let's fill the fire with water (YES). Don't tell anyone that lit up the grass (NO). In the forest is very dry, dad, carefully use a lighter (YES). Know the rules of behavior in the forest. The fire lit, and went home (NONE). To run towards the fire (NOT) .

Teacher: well Done guys. Today in class you learned a lot. Now let's create our own signs that you the most expensive that you love in the forest, what would you like to save and keep. (Children draw signs). At the end of the lesson children puts their signs together as a panel. Let's see how much we saved, how many of the living need our help and care! Planet Earth – our common home, every person living in it, needs carefully and to treat it carefully, keeping all its values and riches. You have me — the real forest friends, the owners in their home — the forest, the elders caring for animals and plants. I loved to travel with you in the woods. Shows children the icon (a smiley face). What's your mood from our walk, from committed good deeds? Children are smiling and sad faces, they pick and raise up.

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