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Synopsis of joint activity with children 3-4 years old for social-emotional development "Sadness and joy" 2018
2016-03-06, 15:32:29

Goal: development of emotional sphere of the child, his social confidence
to help children to become aware of the emotional state "joy" and "sadness" and their causes;
-to acquaint children with ways of getting rid of a bad mood.
Equipment: doll " Talker" didactic manual "melancholy", "Happy", the ball "snow", recording "Minidisco - Chichua".

The teacher draws the children's attention sound signal (maracas) and gathers children in a circle.
Teacher: Today, when I came to the group, we saw that our Talker looks down with a bad mood. (turns to the group doll) : "Talker, what happened, what happened"?
Talker: a whole week I sat alone here in the group without children, and I became very sad and lonely.
Teacher: Talker, no worries! Guys came, and they missed you, they are happy to see you.
Questions for children:
Today we came to kindergarten with a sad mood?
Why do you think they were sad? 
(The children's responses. There are several kids with sad faces) .
Teacher: Our day has just begun, and that it was successful and fun, we need everyone to be in a good mood! What can we do for this? Will try you guys and you Talker to help.
Part 2. Basic
Teacher: Yesterday I went to the store, and saw an unusual doll. The seller told me what they are, and I immediately decided to buy them for you guys! Want to see them!
Children: Yes!
Teacher: Then sit on the chairs and I will present you now! Talker, you make yourself too comfortable.
(The teacher puts on the table a miracle dolls)
Teacher: Everyone, guys, this is "Bad", it fits the sad, bad mood. For this we need to take a deep breath and forcefully blow into the jars and tightly close the lid.
Teacher: (to the doll)
Talker leave "It" your sad mood.
Guys, wish to leave "Bad" your bad mood? (want to "blow" into a puppet) .
Teacher: Well, well, bad, its sad we put in "It". Guys, how do we now raise the mood Talker, our children Damir, Alberta (the names of the children with sad mood? I will help you in this.
The teacher takes the "VR", showing children.
Teacher: Guys, it's "Happy". Look at her, how bright and cheerful her outfit as unusual pockets on it. Look at this pink pocket. How many of you want to see what's in it? Vic, come thou, and open the pocket. (Vic unfasten the button) What do you see? (bear hugs heart). Bear smiles, he's in a good mood, because he's hugging the heart. The heart he gave joy and a smile.
Teacher: Guys, let's hug those guys who was sad in the morning. (The teacher hugs the sad child). The latter embraces Talker.
Teacher: (to children) : albert, your mood lifted? And you have Talker?
Teacher: let's look at another pocket (the children's attention the teacher stops in the pocket with pointer game). Let's play. In my hand snow. If I raise it up, you happily say YES! If that is put down, then say NO!
The game "YES-YES-YES! NO, NO, NO! "
After the game, the children with a caregiver are considering pocket with balalaika. One child pulls a ribbon from his pocket, at the end of which the bell - the pocket means merry dance. Children perform movements to the music.
Children perform rhythmic movements to the song Minidisco - Chichua.
After the dance, the children sit back on the chairs.
Teacher: How nice guys, we had fun! Rises your mood?
The teacher booms "Rada", the kids guess what it is. Opens the lid, presses masilko, children get the souvenir.
- Tell us in the group need that kind of "Sad" and "Happy"? Leave them in the group? They helped us to get a good mood. The guys who were sad in the morning, now smiling.
The children agree to leave "It" and "Rada" in the group.
Teacher: Guys, now we need to find a place for them. Such that they could be seen, and we could refer to them.
     Children offer a lot of options for the location. The teacher guides them what a good place is the Area of intimacy.

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