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Synopsis of sports and sports entertainment, "Dad, mom, I — sporting family" 2018
2016-06-10, 07:40:41

Synopsis of sports and sports entertainment, "Dad, mom, I — sporting family"

The course of the holiday.

Moderator: Good evening. We are glad to see you all at our sports day, which will involve close-knit family.


On the Playground we invite all now.

The celebration of sport and health starts with us!

Parents-people like that

On employment refer to in a hurry,

But we all know they are wrong,

All need to engage in sports.

Today, these friendly and funny guys with their moms and dads will participate in sports competitions. Teams will earn points, and if they are waiting for the competition, then they should judge of the jury strict and attentive, and the victory will award a must!

Moderator: Dear friends! Please note our moms! They are always in shape! Constant training: cooking, running, shopping, Laundry service are felt. It is known that the family rests on three pillars: woman, woman and woman.

Host: Today in our competition involved men. They are always in form. Here they are all in front of you: collected, smart, cheerful. And finally, our children! It is they, even from the cradle, tempered his parents ' constant workouts and combine them into a friendly team, making them all new challenges, constantly increasing the load.

Moderator: Let us begin our celebration of sports and provide teams of participants of our competition! Today, our contest involves two teams, "Burly" and "Suns". We heartily welcome them. We wish success to our teams.

Moderator: Well, now let's meet our judges: member, parent Committee of the Nikolaev A. N. believes that the best family vacation is a sport. It is fair to assess all of our contests. Ask the fans to support their teams.

Lead to 1 the contest "Quick feet"

Father, mother and child hold each other's hands and run the distance to the reference point, returning to the place the winner is the team that could finish my distance.

Host: 2 competition "Across the Creek"

Mom or dad with a child reaches standing in their way benches, the child stands on a bench along it jumps off and comes back.

Moderator: 3 competition "over bumps"

A mother and her child reaches three hoops, jump from one to another, run around point and back.

Moderator: the contest 4 "Who is more faster and catch fish"

The players at the signal "catch" fish rods laid out on the floor of the Hoop. The winner is the one who could catch more fish.

Host: 5 the contest "The strongest dad"

Fathers are offered the job: doing push UPS in 1 minute, who will press more wins.

Moderator: 6 competition "Jumping rope"

Moms are invited as long as possible, a convenient way for her to skip rope.

Host: 7 contest, the final "Collect the toys in the basket".

Before each command are empty baskets (buckets). Poured out on the floor toys. At the signal the children gather scattered toys and carry the baskets. The winner is the team that will collect toys.

Moderator: now, a word from our jury. There is a summarizing, rewarding.

At the same time our holiday ends. We wish our dads always be a strong, courageous, and charismatic mothers, children, clever, athletic. Everyone, everyone, everyone to be healthy, be friends, because friendship has helped our teams today.

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