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Synopsis organized activities on valeology "Our teeth" 2018
2016-05-02, 20:35:44

The course of organized activities.
Children play on the carpet. Quietly choice the teacher says.
Guys, we have a very interesting and important day. Today, you all passed the medical examination, you are preparing to school. I had to examine the teeth, it will be later and this survey should not be afraid.
Guys tell me, where are the teeth? (Children's responses in the mouth). –
And why do we need teeth? (Answers to chew) .
Animals have teeth? (There is) .
Why do animal teeth? (Animals use teeth not only for eating, but for protection from enemies) .
Come to the tables, take a mirror, look at your teeth.
What color are they? (white).
Try to bend them with your tongue. It? (no) .
Looking in the mirror, gently tap a nail on a tooth. What can you say about the hardness of the teeth? (Very hard) .
Any teeth yet? Smooth, slippery.
Try to wiggle the tooth with your tongue. It? (no) .
Now put your finger on your upper lip and hold it and chew without opening your mouth. You will feel like moving your lower jaw. Top is your upper jaw, it is stationary. Guys you have two of the top jaw is not mobile, and the lower movable, here's to them and the attached teeth of your lower part of which is located in bone, it is called the root. The tooth pattern on a magnetic Board to show war and root. 1 SLIDE (tooth root)
So, how is the lower part of the tooth? (the root).
Jaw closed soft tissue called gum. Look at your gums in the mirror. What color is it? (Pink) Guys gums very gentle. Do you think you can hurt your gums? (a pencil, a fish bone, a burn) .
What do you think you can break a tooth? (Answers). Yes, if you can hit it with great force or biting something very hard. To hit hard or icy snow, in this case, the tooth can break, it is very dangerous and unpleasant. SLIDE 2 (broken tooth.)
We have sculpted snowballs, let us remember finger-type gymnastics "the Snow"
One, two, three, four, we're a snow sculpted.
Round, firm, very smooth and very, very not sweet.
Times flip, two catch, three-drop and break.
Guys first teeth that grow in a person, falls. Who have dropped out teeth, raise your hands? At all. You know how it goes? When the time comes, the root of the tooth itself dissolves and is destroyed. The tooth with nothing to hold on to the jaw, he falls., in its place grows a new tooth is permanent. 3 slide (beautiful teeth)
Guys look at these teeth. I see from above they are covered with a white hard substance called enamel. Although she is firm, but may crack. When the enamel is destroyed – the destruction of the entire tooth. Why may crack the enamel? From hot and cold enamel can be destroyed, if you bite a hard object and from lack of vitamins.

Game. "Useful, not useful"
The children choose themselves, argue the products that are useful to our teeth, and put in the Hoop with your tooth. And the products are not useful for the teeth attached to the magnetic Board to a sad tooth. After the distribution of children saying that it is possible to prepare from these products.
Then look at the computer the most useful food for the teeth 4 (the slide) cabbage, nuts, pumpkin seeds, brockley, figs.
Guys, but so happens the tooth was ill, there were dark dots, 5слайд (tooth caries)
What to do, who will help us to cure teeth? (the doctor). (Slide) As it correctly is called - a dentist. The most wonderful doctor without special equipment to help a patient will not be able. The office should be the chair (Slide) they are different. (Reviewed) .The child in the seat (slide) afraid not, there is nothing terrible, and the doctor need a special tool (slide) and this should not be afraid everything is very beautiful, clean just they have unusual long handle.
Here's a look at a mini exhibition. On the table different congregations of the tooth, the powder. Different toothbrushes, hand-held, battery-operated children's modern with different nozzles electric sensors control the speed. Toothpicks, mouthwashes, and dental floss. Children consider take included look like running, the sound is similar to sound forest machines and thin sounding but totally, totally not scary.
Guys, now remember. Physical activities and training
Brush our teeth at the top and the bottom, Well, germs beware,
Wake up to clean twice a day! Long to brush for 3 minutes,
Teeth our clean, solid and fast.
Now, come into place, there you will find the paper tooth and I offer you tooth to decorate, what is the mood of your tooth, if you brush your teeth, he will smile, and if not, he would probably be sad. Before the teeth wore gold crowns to decorate, now put little diamonds. Decorate as you wish your tooth. After work, children attach on a magnetic Board painted teeth and tell you why so painted or otherwise covered after work.

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