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Synopsis psychological training for moms 2018
2016-03-06, 15:48:57

Subject: mothers of the pupils.
Training objectives: the formation of positive relationships, the removal of emotional and muscular tension, improving communication skills and creative abilities.
Equipment: boxes with inscriptions obligations, tape recordings of music for relaxation, projector, visuals with pictures of flowers, paper, scissors, pencils, an easel.

Psychologist: Hello dear mom. Today we have gathered here on the eve of the wonderful holiday "mother's Day", so you can relax and acquire in our class in a good mood. But first we will introduce ourselves. And to gather a beautiful bouquet of our names, and to do this, each of you in turn will call your name and the flower begins with the first letter of your name, start with me Sandy - dandelion.
The game is to explore "the name of the flower"
moms sit on chairs in a circle and take turns to present their name and name a flower starting with the first letter of the name.
Psychologist: a Large and beautiful bouquet we have gathered, and I'm glad to meet you. On the mother's shoulders so many responsibilities, say you get tired of them?
Answers mom.
Psychologist: what do you think is it easy to pass on this ribbon, which is on the floor? Answers mom: Yes easily.
Psychologist: Now I will ask to leave to me my mother (name of mother). Before you lies a tape, go for it.
The mother passes on the tape
Psychologist: And now I will be in your hands to give the responsibilities of motherhood.
The exercise "load of responsibilities"
Psychologist gives mother large boxes marked: cleaning, washing, cooking, Ironing, dishes, playing with the child classes with the child.
Psychologist: And now think how will you be able to pass on the tape?
Mom's answer: No, this is difficult because for boxes I can't see the tape.
The psychologist picks up the box, mom sits down on his seat.
Psychologist: this is why mothers need to be able to relax and unwind, so that the load of responsibilities do not interfere with good mood and do not accumulate fatigue. To do this, we perform a relaxation exercise "Flower".
Relaxation exercise "Flower"
Sit comfortably, close your eyes. Imagine that you are a beautiful flower that grows on a beautiful meadow. Feel how warm the sun's rays, you warmth, calm, good. Above you extraordinarily beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds. You are blown by the breeze, can you smell the other flowers that grow in the meadow. You're filled with joy and kindness. You breathe easily, calmly, deeply. You breathe easily, calmly, deeply. Open your eyes. Look around and smile to each other.
Psychologist: What do you feel after this exercise?
Answers mom.
Psychologist: And in order to consolidate our exercise, we'll look beautiful.
Presentation to the music of "Flowers"
Psychologist: When we performed the relaxation exercise, each imagined himself some kind of flower, let each of you draw.
Mothers sit at tables and paint colors
Psychologist: Now cut out your flowers
Mom cut flowers
The psychologist makes the easel

Psychologist: Imagine that the easel — this meadow, but it is still empty and nothing grows, let's put your flowers.
Mom put flowers on the easel
Psychologist: Here's a beautiful glade we did. Dear mom, tell me what you like today in our meeting?
Exercise "Experience circle"
Each mom in turn said that she liked the lesson
Psychologist: I want to thank you and to say thank you for today's meeting. Save a long time this happy feeling that you have acquired today at our meeting. On mother's Day, dear women. Goodbye.

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