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Synopsis the GCD of a teacher-pathologist in older group for children with visual impairments "Machine helper" 2018
2016-02-26, 19:54:03

Educational goals.
• Learning to compose a descriptive story about the transport algorithm.
• To reinforce in children the ability to classify vehicles by type and purpose.
• Clarify the children's knowledge about features of appearance, the device for transport.
• To intensify in the speech of children difficult words, complex sentences, prepositions and spatial adverbs, vehicle names, professions of people working in transport.
• Vocabulary work: shipyard, sailing.

Corrective tasks.
To develop in children:
oculomotor functions
• expressive facial expressions,
• arbitrary auditory, visual attention,
• observation, imagination,
• fine motor skills.

Move NOT.
I. Organizational moment.
Teacher-speech pathologist offers to guess riddles:
"What kind of bird?
Songs not sings,
The nest does not twist
People and cargo carries. "(The plane)
"Waving foliage of the crown,
Followed by running the cars
Fun by the rattle of wheels,
Speeding along the rails. the locomotive".

- Who guessed what we are going to talk about? "(Secure generalized word "Transport". Children will expressive to say his chorus, and then one at a time.)
- What transport do people need?
- Want to travel? (Yes) Then let's go!
- And help us in the journey of the machine-helpers.
- We're going on the train.
Sasha - machinist. He leads the "train".
Synopsis the GCD of a teacher-pathologist in the older group for children with visual impairments "Machine helper"
(The song "We go, go, go" - one verse.
Sasha is the driver "steers" the children, holding for a waist ahead of the standing child - "carriages" running on toes.
Duration - 30 sec.)
II.The main part.
1. First stop - didactic game "Call transport".
- What transport method of travel you know?
(The children's responses. Air, land, water).
- Why so named?
(The children's responses. Water transport - machines that float. For example: boat, ship, barge.
Land transport is the transport which travels around the earth. For example: the trolleybus, bus.
Air transport is a machine that can fly through the air. For example: helicopter, airplane.)
- But there is a transport specific purpose. It's called. special, freight, passenger. What is it for?
(The children's responses. Trucks carrying goods. It is a VOLVO truck.
Passenger transport passenger transports: tram, bus, taxi.
Special transport takes only some work. Example: fire truck put out the fire, the excavator digging the pit for the new home; an ambulance will arrive quickly doctors to help the patient.)

let's play a game of "Name the transport".
- I have the ball in your hands. I said, "I know water transport: boat, ship". How many cars water transport I called? Then I am passing the ball to the next player. The winner is the one who will call machines.
Try to name more machines".
(The children's responses. Summing up the game.)
2. (Sound recording "motor Noise" - 30 seconds)
- Who guessed what this noise is? (Children's responses)
- Yes, it's the noise of the engine aircraft. We start the motors.

3.The mobile game "Planes" (to the rhythm of the melody)
The Text Of The Motion
"Here's a motor involved Children holding folded hands in front of chest
The propeller spun hand Rotation
The cloud lifted Hands upwards
And chassis out Alternate lifting knees
Flew. "Hands to take back -"wings running conflict in one direction
Length of run - 1 min.
4.Educational game "Collect the puzzle"
(The music fades out. Siren sounds - 30 seconds) .
- The guys who guessed what that sound is?
- Yes, this is siren fire support. Machine requests to find out who it works. Help, guys? (Yes, we want to help.)
- Let's come to the Board.
- Tell me, where is the picture of fire? (It is located in the upper right corner of the Board on the left side.
- What are some more pictures of cars you see? (I see the picture of the ambulance. This picture is located in the middle of the Board. And there's a picture of a police car. She is downstairs, right on the Board.)
- Who do you think works on these machines? (By car "first aid" also has a doctor. On a fire truck and fire. In a police car - police.)
- Guys, help correctly collect puzzles!

(Is the child who collects the puzzle, commented: "For ambulance works caring physician.
On a fire truck - fireman bold. In a police car - police intrepid".)
- Ambulance, police, fire machine is not asleep, day or night. This is a special car. Let's talk about this.

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