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"Take care of water" Synopsis interviews with children (older group) 2018
2016-02-19, 04:09:48

Teach children to conserve tap water. Clearly explain to children that to get clean water to people is necessary to spend many forces and means. To teach kids not to pour water unnecessarily and tightly close the water tap.
To select a series of classes on the theme "Water". To familiarize the children with the importance of water in our lives. Where and in what form water exists in nature.
To encourage children to develop the skills of environmentally literate conduct on the water, to show the beauty and vulnerability of nature, the dependence of the status of water bodies the attitude of the people, help to understand the necessity of careful attitude to them. Telling children about the need of conserving water, show that water is an asset that is no substitute.
Repetition of previously learned material, questions to the children, explaining.

TEACHER: Guys, do you like to swim in the bathtub and under the shower?
CHILDREN:Yes, of course.
TEACHER:AND do you know how tightly to close the tap?
TEACHER:you Know, only he knows how to properly use tap water, who monitors the tap when water is not needed, was tightly closed. Guys, remember, for what do we use water?
Children:List which uses water in the household (for washing dishes, watering flowers, drinking, etc) .
TEACHER:BUT has it ever happened that in the tap there was no water?
CHILDREN: Yes, sometimes we could not wash my hands, couldn't cook.
TEACHER: you see how hard it is, if in the crane there is no water. After all, the bathroom, the shower is great good. And that crane was always clean water, many people spend a big job. We have already talked about the fact that rivers and lakes are dirty the drains, so the water in them has ceased to be pure, and before it gets to our faucet we have clean. Remember, what special adaptations for this purpose?
CHILDREN: Treatment facilities.
TEACHER: Correct, treatment facilities. But if the faucet remains open, the current from pure water mixed with dirty and also gets into the treatment plant, so they are forced to recycle even more water. Every year the quality of pure water is reduced so the water should be protected and one way is not to waste water in vain, tightly close the valve.
SUMMARY: Before children it is necessary to set the task:after washing hands tightly close the valve.

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