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Talk about mom 2018
2016-02-19, 04:15:25

Interview with game elements "Talk about mom" in the medium - high group.
PURPOSE : to bring attention, sensitivity of the relationship to mothers, grandmothers, all women, to promote creative self-realization of preschool children.
1. To introduce children to the holiday "mother's Day", to form moral qualities of preschool children.
2. To inculcate sensitivity, sympathy, good attitude to the woman-mother.
3. To promote creative self-realization of preschool children. 
(the children sit in the hall)

PRESENTER : Every year in late November, the feast day of mother's Day. In this feast it is accepted to congratulate mothers and grandmothers, they too mom (mom and dad). This holiday to which nobody can remain indifferent. I want to say thank you to all the Mothers who give children love, kindness, tenderness and affection. Today guys we will talk with you about our dearest, beloved, kind mothers.   (out senior group)
1. A pure heart in simple words
Friends let's talk about mom.
We love her as a good friend
Because when we have tight
We can cry at native's shoulder.
2. We love her and because sometimes
Have become stricter wrinkles, eyes
But it is necessary to confess to come the head
Wrinkles will disappear, leave the storm.
3. For always, without reserve and right
We can trust his heart
And just for the fact that she is our mother,
We firmly and dearly loved it!
Hall : Thank you, guys!
Mommy, mommy... how Much heat it carries a simple word which referred to the person dearest, dear, only. What tender words did not come up with we favorite people. Some of the names not called them. And all this in order as much as possible to convey their feelings, their love and affection.
The game "Call my mother gentle words".
Children name the mother a kind word. Stand in a circle. Will each other to pass the ball and say a kind word about my mom. Well done guys! That's how many words you know, the guys often talk to their mothers sweet words and how much you love them.
MODERATOR : Guys, what love your mom. It is necessary to love not only for what it is for you to do something, but for the fact that she's your mom, she cares about you, teaches. Prepares you a delicious meal. And what is your favorite dish that your mom prepares? (the children answer). And your mom cook pies and cakes with different fillings. Now we'll play a game called "Mosaic". You need to collect parts of the image in the whole picture. And you will know what is here. The Game "Mosaic". (pictures are cut) . INTERVIEWER : You did a very good job. And now about my favorite mom poems tell the guys of the middle group. Talk together : let's prepare for mom Robot such That all the work he did sensibly And washed and ironed Grilled and cooked And kitchen floors Swept and washed. In order to mend Ragged pants That he read on the night We with the brother books, And came home from work, Mom will be surprised : "No work Can go to sleep". (Children read out poems) .
4. Rocking us in the cradle
Mom songs we sang
And now it's time for us
A song to sing for our mothers.
5. Children – all the world
Called mom
Sweet, nice,
Dear the most!
6. At night the stars outside the window
Scatter peas,
Mom keeps our streets safe.
We go to sleep – she's not asleep.
7. Grow up and be themselves
We take care of mom
And while she will deliver
The joy of his song.

The song "Mama's favorite".
Mom taught us to be kind, gives advice, cares about us. But let's play a game called "Mommy".
The Game "Mummy".
I'll ask a question and you answer in chorus: "Mommy! "
Who came to me in the morning? mommy
Who said, "time to get Up. "- mom
Porridge who has time to cook? mommy
Tea in a Cup to pour? mommy
Who flowers in the garden narwhal? mommy
Who kissed me? mommy
Who loves childish laughter? mommy
Who is the best? – mommy!
MODERATOR : Thank you, guys.
And now let us stand in a big circle and show all together how to help my mother.
Game – dance "Helpers"
INTERVIEWER :now I really know how you can help your mothers. Our moms have another profession – the lady of the house. She cares for her children and her husband, cooks, washes, cleans, and very much knows how to do. And as you're helping (children's responses) .
We now know what helpers we have.   (Two kids) :
8. I love my mom
I will help mommy.
To the store for bread bullet
I'll run today
Quickly wash the dishes
Guests set a fancy table,
Cloth wipe the dust everywhere,
The holiday came to us!
9. I will put flowers in a vase,
And card write,
And about pranks all at once
I'll tell mommy...
I kiss mom
I'm a mommy hug,
Such a good mom
I'm not giving to anyone! MODERATOR: Thank you, sit down.
Guys, who are your mom's birthday in winter? And in the spring? And in the summer? And in the fall? Well done, everyone knows when is the birthday of the mother. What do you think, what gift will be best for her. Probably a gift made with your own hands. You in class to do. In the evening, bring them home, congratulate mom with a holiday, hug and tell how much you love her.
Performed a happy dance.Czech folk melody.

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