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Talk about pictures of winter 2018
2017-12-09, 09:16:38
Conversations promote the development of speech in children. They can be taught by teachers, parents.

1. Congratulations to the teacher with the students.
2. The question of general development.

What is the time of year now?
Why is this visible in nature?
What's going on in nature?
What is the temperature of the air?
What holidays are there at this time of the year?

3 . View photos on winter themes.

4. Questions on the photo.

What is the time of year in photos?
How did you guess?
How do you rest in the winter in the family?

5. Task of the teacher.

Let's try to draw a winter.
6. The teacher demonstrates the sequence of execution of the picture "Winter"

6.Performing a drawing by pupils, exercising.
7. The final conversation.

What did you learn about the new winter?
Do you like this time of year?
Did you like your picture?
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