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Talk mother's Day 2018
2016-02-19, 04:36:03

Talk Mother's day

- to acquaint the students with the celebration of mother's Day;
- to develop creativity, curiosity;
to bring attentive, caring, reverent, respectful attitude to his mother, ready to help her in any minute.

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Good afternoon, dear children!
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Every year the last Sunday of November in Russia celebrated mother's Day. This is a good and Holy holiday. And today we are going to talk about the most lovely, expensive, family, and favorite moms.
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Mom - the person who has given each of us the most precious thing is life! That mom feels her child at a distance - is it good or bad to him. She will always understand and whatever happens, I will come for help, support and forgive. A mother will always defend their child and will strive to give him happiness.
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There are many Proverbs and sayings about mother. Today we remember them. Look at this slide, it says here are some Proverbs about mom, but they are scattered, they must be properly connected.
When the sun is warm, and when the good mother.
Without mother there is no man.
All the pride of the world mother.
Linda's heart in children.
Reads a poem by Ivar.
These Proverbs teach us to appreciate and respect mother.
My mother brings
Toys, candy,
But mom I love
Not for this.
Funny songs
She sings,
We get bored together

I open her
All their secrets.
But mom I love
Not only for that.
Love my mom,
I tell you straight,
Well, just because she's my mom
Poets and writers in his works admire the image of the mother. And today we invite you to listen and discuss the story of Vasily Alexandrovich Sukhomlinsky "Two mothers".
The reading of the story.
V. A. Sukhomlinsky Two mothers
1 episode
In a small hospital on the outskirts of the city there were two mother – Blackbraid and Whitebraids. They gave birth to sons. Sons born on the same day. Both mothers were happy. They dreamed about the future of their sons.
- I want my son became a great man, ' said Whitebraids mother. – A musician or a writer, known around the world. Or a sculptor who created a work of art that will live a century. Or the engineer who built the space ship which will fly to a distant star... That's why I want to live.
- And I want my son become a good man, ' said Blackbraid mother. – To never forget mother and home, Home to be loved and hated enemies.
Guys, as you know "Blackbraid and Whitebraids"?
2 episode
... .Every day young mothers came to visit the fathers. They stared at the little faces of the sons, in his eyes they shone with happiness, amazement, and tenderness. Then they sat by the beds of their wives and for a long time about something in a whisper spoke to them. At the cradle of a newborn dreaming of the future, of course, only happy. After a week of happy husbands, now fathers, took home wives and sons.
3 episode
... Thirty years have passed. In the little hospital on the outskirts of town two women came to Blackbraid and Whitebraids. The braids are already in their silver gray hair, the face was seamed, but the women were as beautiful as thirty years ago. They got to know each other. Both of them put to be treated in the same chamber, where thirty years ago they gave birth to sons. They talked about their lives. Both had much joy and even more grief. Their husbands perished at the front defending their country. But somehow, talking about his life, they were silent about the sons...
4 episode
... Finally, Blackbraid mother asked:
- Who was your son?
- Outstanding musician - proudly replied Whitebraids mother. He now conducts the orchestra, which plays in the big theater in our city. It is a huge success. Don't you know my son? and Whitebraids mother called the name of the musician.
Yes, of course, Crnokosa mother knew this name, it was known to many. Recently she read about the great success of this musician abroad.
- And your son of whom? asked Whitebraids.
- The grain-grower. Well, to you it was clear – a mechanic on the farm i.e. tractor and combine, and a dairy farm to work. From early spring to late autumn, until the snow will cover the earth, my son plows the ground and sows bread, harvest, and again plows the land, sows and cleans again... we Live in the village, a hundred kilometers from here. My son's two children – a boy three and a girl born recently...
- You walked around, said Whitebraids. – Your son was a simple, unknown man.
Blackbraid mother said nothing.
... And not a day had passed, and to Chernomosky mother came to the son from the village. In a white robe, he sat on the white bench for a long time about something whispering to her mother. In Chernomosky mother's eyes shone with joy. She seemed in those moments forget about everything. She was holding in her hands a strong, sun-tanned hand of his son and smiled. Parting with his mother, son apologetically posted out of the bag on a small table grape bunches, honey, butter. "Get well, mother," said he at parting, and kissed her.
... And to Whitebraids mother, no one came. In the evening, when the room was quiet and Blackbraid mother, lying in bed, quietly smiled to his thoughts, Whitebraids said:
- A son, now a concert... If not for the concert, he certainly would have come...
On the second day before the evening to Blackbraid mother returned son is a farmer from a distant village. Again he sat on the white bench and Whitebraids mother heard that now in box hot time, working day and night... Parting with his mother, the son laid out on a small table honeycomb, white bread and apples. Happiness face Blackbraid mother lit up and the wrinkles straightened.
To Whitebraids mother nobody came.
In the evening the women lay in silence. Blackbraid smiled and Bellacosa quietly sighed, fearing that her sighs are not heard by the neighbor.
On the third day, before night, to Chernomosky mother returned son. Along with his son came a three-eyed grandson. The son and grandson sat at the bedside of Blackbraid mother: her eyes sparkled with happiness, she looked younger. Whitebraids mother with a heavy heart I heard the grandson told her grandmother that along with my dad half the day yesterday he went to "the bridge" processor.
- I also will combine, ' said the boy, and she kissed him...
... Month in the hospital two mothers, arrived daily to Chernomosky mother's son is a farmer from a distant village brought a smile FILIAL, and, it seemed, the mother is just recovering from a smile. To Whitebraids mother so no one came.
Recovered Blackbraid mother a month later, they discharged her from the hospital, and Whitebraids doctors told: need to lie down.
For Chernomosky mother came son. He brought several bouquets of red roses. Flowers presented to doctors and nurses. Everyone at the hospital was smiling.
Here is a serious story about the mother of Sukhomlinsky we read. And now let us think and answer the questions.
Questions for discussion:

1. In the story, words that the two women and gave birth to sons began to dream. What they dreamed of? They began to dream about who would become their sons. Whitebraids mother wished that her son became a great man, musician or writer, sculptor or engineer. And Blackbraid mother dreamed that her son was just a good man.
30 years later the women met again in the hospital. What women dreamed of, came true? Yes.
Who were their sons? One son became a famous musician, and the other farmers.
2. After learning that the son chernomosky became a simple worker, an unknown man, Whitebraids mother told me that happiness was spared.
Whether she believes?
Whether for the happiness of a celebrity? In order to be happy, not necessarily to be famous.
3. What you need for happiness? It is necessary for happiness good health, job, parents, family, home.
4. In the story we see that famous musician and a simple farmer benefit.
Musician, which brings benefit to the people? Happy people music.
A farmer what kind of benefits? Grow bread.
What do you think distinguishes these sons from each other? Attitude towards the mother.
5. What is the attitude of the son who became a famous musician to his mother? Judging by the actions of a famous son, one can say that he's not thoughtful and inattentive son. Because when he was little, he was sick too, and mom was there. And now ill mother, and also waiting for the care and attention of his son.
6. And how is son is a farmer to his mother? Every day he came to the hospital, after a hard day, although it was a hot time of the harvest. He brought presents, wished her a speedy recovery, and my mother smiled at this, her eyes shone with happiness. Now I read again how the author describes the state of happiness chernomosky mother.
"A month in the hospital two mothers, arrived daily to Chernomosky mother's son is a farmer from a distant village brought a smile FILIAL, and, it seemed, the mother is just recovering from a smile"
"The son and grandson sat at the bedside of Blackbraid mother: her eyes sparkled with happiness, she looked younger. "
And I must say that Blackbraid mother recovered quickly and was discharged from the hospital than Whitebraids due to what? Thanks to the attention of the son.
Guys, I will read an excerpt from the text:"in the Evening the women lay in silence. Blackbraid smiled and Whitеbraids quietly sighed, fearing that her sighs are not heard by the neighbor. "
Guys how do you understand this passage.
How do you think felt bellacosa mom?
She waited and was sad that the son does not come to her. She was going through. She even excused his son by saying that he was at the concert. And she had to continue treatment and longer treatment.
If the son can't come to my mom's in the hospital because of the concert, as he might otherwise care to my mother?
He could call her and learn about her health.
7. What conclusion have you made acquainted with the story. Any person, no matter he is famous or not famous, he should be kind, attentive, caring towards their parents. And that is not famous you're a man, or a simple worker.
8. Whose attitude to my mother you liked it? Son of a farmer, as he took care of my mother, and the care and attention helped spit black mom recover faster.

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