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Talk with the parents "Etiquette in our lives" 2018
2016-06-12, 04:55:03

Talk with the parents "Etiquette in our lives"

Culture includes "the set of developed and proven ways of organizing everyday life and communication of people and is an integral part of General human culture".


Culture includes "the set of developed and proven ways of organizing everyday life and communication of people and is an integral part of General human culture".

On public awareness, attitudes, beliefs people have traditions, customs, concepts and ideals that are created by mankind in the past. Therefore, it is important for us to get back to the past, to the legacy left to us by ancestors.

Culture communication is one of the most important indicators of the state of society and a condition for its successful development. It is the culture of communication defines emotional well-being, quality of human well-being, successful activity, which undoubtedly affects the advancement of society towards progress.

Experiencing our society, the period is characterized by the worsening of many social problems. One of the most important among them is the problem of the relationship of people, inability to build business and interpersonal relationships, regulate their behavior in different situations.

The culture of communication of people and their behavior based on the understanding of knowledge of norms and rules of etiquette in their close connection with psychology, ethics and aesthetics. Today, the society is acutely painful, there is a deficit in the culture of human behavior, and, hence, in the culture of communication.

The consequence of this situation is the interest in the study of modern etiquette, as established by the society of the order of human behavior. Organizes all kinds of courses in etiquette, educational institutions (from primary school to higher education) are introduced into the curriculum of classes on the basics of modern etiquette

From the first years of life the child takes from the parents experience. Refer to the work of psychologists.

 Soviet psychologists L. S. Vygotsky, A. N. Leontiev, O. L. Rubinstein showed that the psyche of the child develops mostly through "social inheritance", "appropriation" of public experience.

If animals are crucial in the development of the two forms of experience: generic (it is incorporated in the nervous organization and inherited) and individual (it is acquired in the course of life and adaptation to the environment, the person dominated by the third form of experience, totally absent in the animal Kingdom: socio-historical experience of previous generations embodied in the products of material and spiritual culture. Throughout childhood the child learns the inheritance of their fathers.

At birth, the child is a man only in potency. He realizes the possibilities and really becomes a person only because the surrounding adults convey my experience with him and teaching him how to become human.

"Sufficient in number and full of communicating with other people, children quickly learn what I know older, and then they themselves are contributing to the Treasury of mankind."

Modern society puts before educators, teachers, parents, the task of bringing up well-educated and well-mannered young generation, which owns all the achievements of culture created by mankind. Behavioral culture being a part of humanity, reflects the state of social development and yet it has serious influence. The very concept of behavioral culture is very diverse and includes customs, traditions, manners, customs, etiquette and behaviour associated with ethical and aesthetic views.

"Knowledge of modern etiquette expands the inner world of man, creates for him the possibility of successful communication in the world". Start learning the rules and etiquette preferably in preschool age.

Questions to parents:

1. What is the place of speech etiquette in your life?

2. Depends on the skills of speech etiquette at your children?

3. What did you do about that?

4. What kind of teaching AIDS for the development of speech skills etiquette you know?

5. What methods do you use?

In the end, parents are given some recommendations on the organization of work with children and are encouraged to review the list of references.

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