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Teaching AIDS for the development of speech breath 2018
2016-02-27, 23:30:18

I offer teaching AIDS aimed at the development of speech breath

       In recent times many children suffering from speech disorder. They observed a weak force of exhalation and the duration of the speech exhalation. Therefore, the development of breathing one of the first and very important stage of correctional work with children.
    Kids do not know how to efficiently use the breath, the speech at the breath, which affects the development of speech. Children with weakened inhale and exhale, as a rule, speak quietly.
     Formation of speech breathing involves the production of an air jet. Output air jet is considered a necessary and meaningful play sounds: sounds are pronounced in the expiratory phase.
         Breathing exercises required to reinforce the air stream.

Purpose: formation of speech breathing through didactic games and exercises
-to increase the volume of respiration;
-to develop the ability to perform a smooth long exhale, to direct a jet of air in the desired direction;
-to strengthen the muscles of the lips.

1. "blow with snowflake mittens"

2 blow a fly off the pan"

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