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Conversation with children 4-5 years is about the celebration of the New year 2018
2016-02-18, 22:01:41

Objective: to Familiarize children with the traditions of New year in other countries. To systematize the knowledge of children about the celebration of new year in different countries, to form cognitive interest.

The course of the conversation.
Hello guys. I am very glad to see you. Guys, look how beautiful and elegant all around, decorated with snowflakes and colorful tinsel.
-Why do you think? What holiday soon would we have? (New year)
Correct, well done. Children, what do you think, why decorate for the holiday? (To be beautiful, magical, elegant, festive, happy, fun)
Educator. Today we'll learn about the celebration of the New year.
I think you will learn a lot of interesting and important. Because the new year is an ancient tradition that is found in all the Nations of the world. And although this day every people celebrate in different ways, the main decoration of the New year it? Who will tell me? (Tree)
Guys, do any of you have seen a live Christmas tree?
-Who of you have already decorated the Christmas tree at home?
-What was the tree in the past or this year?
- What toys hanging on your tree?   (Children's responses)
Educator. Kids, look, I have a Christmas tree. (Christmas without toys) Guys, do you think for a festive tree? (Toys). Let's decorate our holiday tree.
Is the activity "let's Decorate our Christmas tree"
Educator. Herringbone we've got elegant and festive.
Oh Christmas tree - the main beauty of the new year written a lot of songs, tales, poems and stories.
-Who of you knows the verses about the Christmas tree? Let them tell us.
1. Herringbone, herringbone
Bright lights!
Beads, beads
Herringbone ring!

2. Before the winter holiday
For green Christmas tree
Dress white itself
Stitched without a needle.

3. Dusted off the white snow
Christmas tree with bow
And is beautiful all
In dress green.

4. Her green to face
Tree knows it
As it is the New year
Well dressed!

Educator. Well done guys great poems told!
Now you listen to me.
New year-a holiday favorite with adults and children. Earlier new year was celebrated in March. It was at this time when the field works began, and March was considered the first month of the year. For example, In far Asian new year is celebrated in the heat, so when meeting people, watering each other with water. And in Bulgaria, when going to new year celebration, for two or three minutes, turn off the light. And in Italy before the new year people throw away old, unnecessary things and replace them with new ones.
Today almost everywhere the New year is celebrated on the night of the thirty-first of December, first of January.
Educator. Children, and who is the protagonist of the new year holiday? I got one for you.
This grandpa have a lot of grandchildren
grandchildren at grandpa grumble often
On the street grandpa stick to them,
For the missing fingers, pulls at ears.
(Santa Claus)
Physical exercises is the"New year"
Educator. Guys let's draw a Christmas card and give it to your friends so they know how we celebrate new year.  (The children perform the task)
Educator. Well, that came towards the end of our conversation. It turned out interesting. Today you learned a lot and will be able to tell at home to their friends and acquaintances. Thank you.

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