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The development of fine motor skills of the hands using natural materials 2018
2016-05-14, 23:23:39

1. The development of fine motor skills through games us a natural material.
The development of fine motor skills of the hands using the "finger pool".
Easy to make at home: in a big sturdy rectangular box with low sides (10-15 cm), or in the small pelvis. Pour the peas or beans with a layer of 6-8 cm Hold the child's hand at the wrist, lightly pressing it. Game finger pool":
"Erasable handkerchiefs":
Mother and daughter washed the handkerchiefs,
That's it! (movement of the open hand of the child at the bottom of the pool back and forth, fingers divorced)
Mother and daughter rinsed handkerchiefs,
That's it! (Movement in the brush from left to right and Vice versa)
Mother and daughter rinsed handkerchiefs,
That's it! (Moving the brush up and down) .
"Cook the soup"
Cook, cook soup!
Soup Bob good! (Circular motion brush the pool clockwise and in the opposite direction) .
"Fingers fled". The fingers ran.
1) the Child puts his hand into the pool, presses one palm to the bottom, alternately pushes and opens the fingers. Adult helps him, putting his hand on the child's hand. 2) Prop your hands on the bottom of the pool. A hand raised. Leads thumb the child back, easy fix it your hand, organizing the stretching and muscle tension. Encourage the baby, touching her fingers to move along the bottom of the "pool".
"Peas and beans" (plastic bucket, 5 - liter. Booth, etc.)
In a bucket poured peas,
And fingers started,
Arranging a commotion,
To fingers not to be sad)
"Pour peas from one container to drugco. "
The child is picking up a hand full of peas and shifts it from one container to another. Capacity must be set to spec. Pallet, carton, watch out for so as not to spill the peas.
"Beans" (On the bottom of the pool hiding the toys from kinder surprise)
In the bucket is not salt, not salt,
A multi-colored beans!
At the bottom toys for children
And, well, we'll get them soon!
Shifting a large piece of beans from one container to another, preferably with a narrow neck. Alternately one or the other hand. Taking one beans.
On the tray "Massage".
Rolling a pea between your palms, rolling it on the table, press down to the table, twist between fingers, etc.
To use pasta with holes (like short horns) and strung them
on a string or shoelace.
2. Manual massage techniques for the development of fine motor skills.
Goal: to intensify active and passive movement of the fingers of the child, creating a positive emotional attitude.
Good to do massage for the fingers and palms every day. There are four basic techniques: stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapping.
Spending just 5 minutes a day on conducting the finger exercises and massage can significantly help the child.
Doing with the child, must adhere to the following rules:
• start with the massage and warming of the hands, finish by stroking;
• perform movement and the right and left hand;
• motion compression must be combined with relaxation;
• exercises should include isolated movement of each finger;
• before moving on to a new exercise, it is important to work out the previous fingers of right and left hands;
• use the games that the child likes and available to him;
• for massage of hands of the child help him with his hands only in case if you have a positive attitude
A well known game:
-"Forty – crow porridge cooked, kids fed. "
-"Finger family": (Act the hands of a child: bend and unbend fingers alternately on the right and left hand, accompanying the words) :
This finger – my grandmother,
This thumb - grandfather,
This finger - daddy,
This finger - mom.
This finger – my son,
This finger - my daughter,
This finger wants to sleep,
This finger - jump in the bed!
This finger NAP,
This finger too fell asleep.
Got up the fingers - Hooray!
In kindergarten it's time to go!
-Massage the palm of the child spiral motion. Keep the palm open.
"The snail".
Snail, snail, snail crawling.
Snail, snail, lucky gifts.
-"Massage pads, phalanges of fingers, "
(The thumb becomes the massaged on the nail, and the fingers pressed against the pad from below, stretching her. Direction of massage movements from the nail phalanges to the bases of the fingers) .
-"Pressing massage"
(One hand is on the table palm down, fingers separated. The other hand index finger in turn presses each nail, shifts Alec, "rolling" it on a cushion to the left and right. For each line - pressure on one finger) .
Bear went to his den (the little finger)
Yes tripped on the threshold of the (nameless)
Seen very little strength (average)
I saved up for the winter (index)
Thought so and went (large)
He in search of wild bees (the thumb of the other hand, and then likewise serially all fingers)
All bears have a sweet tooth,
Like to eat the honey without haste,
And after eating, without alarm
Until the spring of wheeze in the den.
"Pulling on the fingertips"
Pull, pull (little finger)
Grandmother with Dedkov (unnamed)
From the earth (medium)
A large turnip (index)
Here would come (large)
Our granddaughter (large)
Helped b (index)
Dog Bug. (medium)
Where is the cat (nameless)
Mouse - baby (pinkie) .
Though held firm (Fists together)
Pulled the turnip! The fingers pads, PD - PD, both hands up in that position)
3. Exercises that strengthen the strength of the muscles of the hands.
-"Warm-up exercises with a ball - hedgehog":
(if the child cannot do himself, take his hand in mine and do with him)
I ball rolled circles (between the palms)
Back and forth are riding it (change hands)
I them Pat the palm (respectively)
Like I'm sweeping away crumbs (change hands)
And squeeze it a little bit (respectively)
As squeezes the paw of the cat (respectively)
Each finger ball squeeze (respectively)
And the other hand will start (change hands)
And now the last trick:
The ball flies between the hands (the Transfer of the ball from hand to hand. Or shifting.)
Games with clothes pins.
-"Help mom to hang up clothes" - (compressible open and close a clothespin.)
- "The necklace of clothespins", "Sun", "Hedgehog"

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