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The lesson for the world in high-preparatory group "Ah, potatoes, potatoes" 2018
2016-06-04, 23:36:32

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To clarify and Supplement the children's knowledge about potato as a food product, and the product needed for the treatment of certain diseases. To cultivate curiosity, develop speech, memory.
Materials and equipment.
The grated, raw potato, water, dish, starch, various kinds of potatoes, 2 napkins (one of them starched, toy baby house, spoon.

1. Guessing riddles about vegetables.

She hides from the sun

Under a Bush in the deep hole

Brown – not bear,

In a hole – but not a mouse.

- potatoes –

The whole summer I tried-

Dressed up, dressed ...

But as autumn approached,

We clothes gave.

A hundred duds

We put in the barrel.

- cabbage –

The orange spine sits under the ground,

A storehouse of vitamins he keeps,

Helps children become healthier,

What kind of vegetable you have to say?

- carrots

In the garden green rooted in the ground,

Top thick, bottom sharp,

A red.

- beets

Came a gentleman from the garden, covered in patches

Who no one look, everyone will cry.

- bow –

What is the rysachok

Fell on the flank?

He is well nourished, and salad.

True, kids...

- zucchini –

In the garden – yellow ball

Not only that, he runs at a gallop,

It is like the full moon,

Delicious seeds in it.

- pumpkin –

It “icicle”,

The glow radiates,

But tasty in a salad


- radish –

Like our bed

Rose puzzles

Juicy Yes, large,

Here are round.

Summer green,

By the autumn blush.

- tomatoes

Summer in the garden,

Fresh, green,

And in winter – in a barrel,

Strong, salty.

- cucumbers

2. Reading Yu. Tuwim's poem "Vegetables".

"The landlady one day from the market came

Hostess at the Bazaar brought home:

Potatoes, cabbage, carrots, peas,

The parsley and beets. Oh.

Here vegetables a dispute brought to the table.

Who is better, tastier and more useful on the ground:

Potatoes? Cabbage? Carrots? Peas?

Parsley or beets? Oh.

The hostess, meanwhile, took the knife.

And a knife to chop the beginning:

Potatoes, cabbage, carrots, peas,

The parsley and beets. Oh.

And vegetable soup was good".

- Why a soup from the hostess was good? (Because it was made from vegetables and the vegetables tasty and healthy.)

- Do you think any vegetable more useful than others? (All vegetables lots of vitamins, so they are useful.)

No wonder they say: "a Dinner without vegetables, what is a celebration without music."

- And do you know any Proverbs about vegetables?

- After the carrots – added a drop of blood.

Sugar destroys the teeth, and strengthens the carrots.

- Where there is no meat – beet hero.

- Onions - health each.

- Bow – seven cures ailments. (etc.)

3. Mystery.

"Clumsy, knobby,

And come to the table she,

I will say have fun guys:

Well, crumbly, delicious." (potatoes)

4. A song about potatoes: "Hello, sweet potato."

Well, let's sing on guys byat byat byat byat,

Lived at camp we like, like, like,

And how in the sun kittens-Tata-Tata-Tata

Basking way, basking so, so, so.

Our poor stomachs-ladki-ladki-ladki-ladki

Were always hungry-NY-NY

And we thought a minute nutki-nutki-nutki-nutki

Before the lunch time-ry-ry!

Ah, potatoes, delicious-denier-denier-denier-denier

Pioneers ideal-al-al!

He does not know naslazhdene-Denia-Denia-Denia,

Who has not tasted a potato-Dala-Dala!

Hello, dear potatoes-Toshka-Toshka-Toshka,

Low brow beating you-scrap-scrap.

Our track of the far-horn-horn-horn

Both of us uneasy-what-what!

5. Looking at different varieties of potatoes.

-What do you know about potatoes?

- Do you know what a potato is? Let's see. (Raw peeled potatoes to grate on cucumbers, mix the pulp in a jar with water, let settle). At the bottom of the jar formed a layer of white matter.

- What is it?

Is starch or potato flour. If the white substance is dry, it will become dry as flour. (See, touch, taste) .

- Why starch is called potato flour?

- What is common and what is the difference between potato flour and flour from which bread is made?

- Why do we need starch? (To make jelly, starch things) .

- Look, crisp things look nice and long, not wrinkled. (Impression of clothes)

- And remember how much work must be invested to collect a good crop of potatoes? But first it should be put.

6. Song "Antoshka" - 1 verse.

Antoshka, Antoshka, let's go dig potatoes.

Antoshka, Antoshka, let's go dig potatoes.

Tili-tili, Trali-Vali,

That we do not pass,

This we did!

The tar – pam – pam,

The tar – pam – pam

(Using doll baby) .

The mobile game "Planting potatoes".

Goal: the development of speed, power endurance.

Create two teams of five people. The player standing first — captain, he holds in his hands a bag with five potatoes (stones). At a distance of twenty-thirty steps from each column drawn five circles. At the signal, the captains run to the circles and put the potatoes down, one in each circle, then go back and pass the bag to the next player, who took the bag, running to collect the potatoes, etc.

The rules of the game:

• the captains will start on a signal;

• players do not go over the line without the bag. If the potato fell, it should be raised and then to running;

• run to the team must be on the left side

Song "Antoshka" - last verse.

Antoshka, Antoshka, prepare for dinner spoon.

Antoshka, Antoshka, prepare for dinner spoon.

Tili-tili, Trali-Vali,

This, my friends, I power!

Refuse now hardly!

7. Potatoes are a very healthy vegetable.

It is possible to prepare many dishes.

- What potato dishes do you know? (Show pictures of potato dishes) .

8. Game: "Tell me how this dish is called".

Potatoes to the right people not only for food. It is good medicine. For example, if a cold – breathe over the steam cooked potatoes –

it will be easier. And even raw potatoes curing burns. That's what this amazing vegetable. However, not only potatoes, but other vegetables have beneficial qualities. What? Ask mom, dad, grandma, and then be sure to tell us.

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