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The lesson the world around us in the older group, "preparing for a hike in the woods" 2018
2016-05-07, 17:41:18

The lesson :
Teacher: Guys, you know what is camping?
Children : the children's responses.
Educator: Trips are different. You can go for a few
Days and for this we need .... On
A few hours and we need you ... I
Offer to go for a while. We will be able
Enjoy the fresh air, the beauty of the forest,
Natural resources. Let's go?
Children : the children's responses.
(1 table a clearing with mushrooms)
Teacher: Guys, look, what a lovely meadow!
What is it in a clearing?
Children : the children's responses.
Teacher: do you know the names of these mushrooms?
Children : the children's responses.
Teacher: Can these collect mushrooms?
Children : the children's responses.
Teacher: What else do you know mushrooms?
Children : the children's responses.
Teacher: I put forth a riddle, and you try to guess them
What you done. Let's move on .
(2 table meadow with wildflowers)
Guys, look, it's the wildflowers!
And you know their name?
Children : the children's responses.
Teacher: There are flowers that benefit us, but there is
And those from whom we have allergies .
There are poisonous, which to touch
And even more impossible to break as they bring
Harm to our health. Therefore, without an adult
It is impossible to pluck and smell any flowers. I suggest
You one game, which will help to consolidate our
Knowledge about the field colors.
(envelopes with puzzles)
Well done. But I suggest you to go ahead.
We are waiting for so many interesting things.
(3 table with butterflies)
Teacher: Look at these butterflies, which they all
Different. And how do they differ? Yes. And yet they have
Different names (titles) . I have another
The game, let's play. (children perform tasks)
Well done, let's sit down and rest.
You know what nature is?
Children : the children's responses.
Teacher: Nature is something that surrounds us, the trees,
Flowers, grass, insects, animals. Trees
purify air. The soil purifies the water and when we
littering, breaking branches, etc we offend nature
and she stops to help us. So we have
to protect nature. I have prepared for you puzzles
about the trees, try to guess.
Well done, and now we'll play Swami.
I'll show pictures of animals and
You will say they are wild or Pets .
Well done, and now I will show pictures
with birds, and you must say the name of the bird
and migratory or wintering.
Well done. Did you like our lesson?
What? What did you like more?
I have a gift but from the start you
Have to guess a riddle (fungus mushroom)
Well done, and now we will decorate.

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