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The lesson with the older children "don'ts" 2018
2016-06-11, 16:12:26

The lesson with the older children "don'ts"

The teacher encourages the children to think about what  the word read to them in the story.

Guys answer:
- We read about the word
- Why is it called magical? In some cases, pronounce it? – asks the teacher and offers to tell how the children turn to for help to adults, parents, teacher, the nurse, the Manager, each other.
- What other words can be called magic?

Children respond: <
>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>.
- Why do you think their magic?
- Because they are polite.

The teacher says:
- These words are magic because a person in a polite manner, it is difficult to refuse the request. If a person says:
 if he expresses good wishes this shows respect for each other, trying to please him their location.

The teacher offers to remember when and what magic words children use at home, do not forget before you sleep to say Goodnight parents, friends, welcome if morning with neighbors and friends who meet on the way to kindergarten, etc.

Then a few
hat gives the opportunity to identify the kids know how to behave in a particular situation. For example:

- When the tram pulls to a stop, it suddenly swung ilena accidentally pushed forward a woman. The girl immediately said the magic word, and dissatisfaction on the woman's face widened into a smile.... What the child said?

- Excuse me, please.

"Excuse me, please.

- Correctly. How would you children, appealed to the head if I instructed any of you to ask her glue or brushes?

- Maria , for me Vera told me to take your glue and brush. Let them please, " answers Marina.

- Asked Marina with a request, do you think, children?

Guys are difficult to answer, the teacher explains:
To say
 impolite: to order means to order. Marina had to pass not order, and my request in a polite manner. So, as I had to say, who knows?

- Maria , please give me the glue and the brush. I instructed them to take Vera.

- How would you say, offering assistance to our nanny Nina.

- What would you say if someone of you wishing to dine together with the owners, and you don't want. How to stop that not to offend them
Thanks, I'm full.

- What to do in this case? Some of you need to contact me to get to the lobby, where I expect a Valine mom, and I talk to the Manager. How to be?

- I would wait until you're finished talking.

- If Valine mom is in a hurry she had no time to wait?

- Then I would say: 

The teacher sums up: what are words children know, in some cases, they say, all polite?

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