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Project experimental activities "vegetable Garden on the windowsill" 2018
2016-02-19, 23:25:44

Project type: creative, research, games.
Age of children: 2nd Junior group (3-4 years) .
Duration: short-term, 6 weeks.
Topic: Planting onion.
Objective: to summarize and extend the knowledge of preschool children about how to care for plants in the indoor environment; to involve in the work of the project as many children as possible; to make the project the co-creation of teacher, children and parents.
• to teach children to care for plants in the indoor environment;
• to summarize the children's knowledge of necessary light, heat, moisture of the soil for plant growth.
• to develop cognitive and creative abilities of children;
• create consciously-the right attitude to natural phenomena and objects.
to educate careful attitude towards their work and love of plants.

The planning of the project:
Stage I — preparatory (1 week) .
In the group of the kindergarten put a garden on the windowsill. Made table signs with names of plants (by date of planting and the first germination). Picked up fiction literature: Proverbs, poems, tales, riddles about vegetables.
Phase II — research (4 weeks) .
The children watched the growth of plants, carried out experiments, experiments. Connected: plants — earth plants — water plants — man. The results of the experiments recorded in the photo library. In the process of research, the children got acquainted with the literature about the vegetables: Proverbs, poems, riddles. Considered illustrations, paintings. Conducted classes< game interviews.
III stage — final (1 week) .
Conducted analysis and summary of results obtained during research activities. Held a competition "guess the name of the vegetable", the game "Mouse in the garden".
The project implementation plan.
The preparatory phase
1. Collection of literature: poems, riddles, Proverbs, sayings, stories, stories about vegetables, ecological tale.
2. Conversations with parents on the topic: "Participate in the project "the Winter garden on the windowsill". The acquisition of the necessary equipment (containers, soil, fertilizer, seeds).
3. The breakdown of the vegetable garden on the windowsill.
4. Production of signs of names of plants.

Research stage
1. Examining the seeds of (dill, parsley, cucumber, planting seeds and onions.
2. Experimental activity: "Structure of plants", "the Conditions necessary for life of plants", "Reproduction, growth and development of plants".
3. Classes for children: "world of plants", "Everything begins with seed," "Planting seeds", "the First shoots".
4. Conducting didactic games "Learn to touch", "Learn to taste", "what vegetable is this part? ".
5. Learning with children poems, riddles, sayings about plants.
6. Looking at pictures, paintings of vegetables (to compare them by color, shape, size, taste) .
• Talks about growing vegetables in the garden.
• The conduct of the game "Mouse in the garden".
The final stage
1. Summing up the implementation of the project.
2. The competition "guess the name of the vegetable".
Plan experimental activities.
The name of the event: we Learn what earth.
Purpose: to Identify properties of the earth: black, strewed
Material, equipment: earth in containers
The name of the event: Water and plants
Purpose: to Identify how water is essential for plant growth
Material, equipment: 2 containers with soil and sprouts (one watered regularly, the second is not irrigated at all)
The sun
Event title: the Sun and plants
Objective: to Determine the sun's role in plant life
Material, equipment: 2 containers with soil and sprouts (one stands in the sun, the other was placed in a dark room)
The name of the event: People and plants
Purpose: to Identify how plants need care person
Material, equipment: 2 containers with soil and sprouts (one container children watered, loose soil, choose a Sunny place, the other is not watered, loose soil, put in a dark place) .
The form of the presentation of the project:
• Outdoor viewing teachers.
• Photos of the project at the parent meeting "experimental activity of children of preschool age".

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