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The project "Magic salt" 2018
2017-03-19, 12:55:31
At the present stage of preschool education relevant become the use of nontraditional methods of creative activity of children, one of these is painting with salt. Manipulating bulk materials, the child gets rid of negative emotions, stress relief, inner blocks, while drawing the child feels a sense of joy and inspiration from the resulting figure, because the figures obtained, varied and unpredictable. Thus, developing coordination, imagination, improves memory and all mental processes.
Training, developing and educational tasks in educational fields.

Physical education: to Develop fine motor skills of the fingers.

Health: Salt has healing and disinfecting effect, when drawing inhaling vapors of salt, there is prevention of diseases of the nose and throat, conjunctivitis and thyroid.

Communication: to Develop speech of children, to enrich the dictionary.

Knowledge: to contribute to the cognitive development of children; to broaden the child on the basis of the entourage. To get acquainted with salt, to allocate its properties and quality.

Socialization: to Develop confidence in themselves and their ability to develop activity and independence.

Art: to Arouse an emotional responsiveness to the aesthetic side. To awaken children to form and Express their own aesthetic tastes.

Work: to Teach children to use different tools in productive activities (brush, pencil, etc.)

Expressive activity, as it is known, develops the child's sense of color, form, composition, facilitates the transfer of learned techniques in self-employment. If a child is taught to paint a beautiful tree, he with pleasure will depict him, but as often happens, the trees will be always the same. Therefore, it is important to equip children with the knowledge, skills, skills, but also to maximize their creative potential, to learn to see magic in the ordinary.

In our time, now a lot of art materials, but I wanted to try something new, unusual, I wanted to find material available, easy to use, environmentally safe, and most importantly, are able to awaken the imagination of a child. So I decided to try painting with salt. Salt is one of the wonderful natural materials available in each family. Accessible, affordable and very useful consumable product, not only for cooking but also an interesting material for non-traditional drawing.

To begin I made a project "Magic salt" - which along with the development of artistically creative activity of children, their imagination enhances language development, gives a huge etherapeutics effect. My project has several components.

- Moving beyond stereotyped opinions in perception of the surrounding world.

- Drawing can be a relief when working with salt, a kind of width, depth, shape.

- Achieved a state of psychological comfort, a feeling of freedom, as there is an opportunity at any time to correct their work, there is no fear of mistake.

The project I conducted in stages. At each session was conducted finger games, aimed at relaxation, stretching or compression of muscles of a brush. For each child, the parents bought little trays.

The advantages of drawing with salt is that age of children is not restricted. The painting is done directly by the fingers in salt, which contributes to the development of sensory, liberating, and harmonizes, and promotes the development of the two hemispheres (because painting is done with two hands).

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