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Synopsis of the game-lessons on a walk with children in youngest group the "Colored ice" 2018
2016-02-10, 23:23:18

Objectives: to Acquaint the children that the water in freezing temperatures turns to ice (frozen water, to consolidate the knowledge of basic colors (red, blue, yellow, green, to cultivate aesthetic feelings, to teach children to verbalize their impressions.

Material: Plastic molds to play with sand (5-7 PCs.) in the form of animals or from the bottom of plastic bottles, balloons, water tank, 4 color water cups, 4 paint colors.


The introductory part:

The teacher says the children:- "What time of the year? "

The children's responses (winter)

The teacher asks about the signs of winter (snow, ice, cold, tells the children that the cold water turns to ice, then offers to make colored ice.

Practical part: the Teacher prepares the shaped sand molds (great interest in children causes the shaped molds in which children recognize familiar objects, animals, the bottoms from plastic bottles and balloons. Further invites children to pour in some molds clear water, others in color. Together with the children observe how water changes its color when painting. Painted and clear water poured into a container and balloons.

The teacher draws the children's attention to the fact that when you go out, take all filled containers into the cold and see what we get.

The final part:

The teacher sums up the lesson.

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