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The tale of the parts of the day "Four Princess" 2018
2016-03-26, 23:05:05

Mathematical tale "Four Princess"
   A long time ago, in a Dreamland on a high, high mountain in a beautiful castle lived four princesses. They were sisters but such different, that all around were very surprised. A Princess loved silence, she loved to sit for hours at the window and watch the dark starry sky, she loved all black, dressed in black outfits. The second Princess loved to work, she was an excellent seamstress and always sewed a dress only one pale blue silk, as blue was her favorite color. The third Princess was a cheerful dancer, she enjoyed the bright colors and white dressy clothes. And the last fourth Princess liked quiet games, lessons, so she often took the paint, went to my room and spent hours painting purple pictures. Her dresses, suits have always been purple.
   Sisters often quarreled, because I could not find a common activity. If the third Princess rejoiced in the bright rays of the sun and fun dancing, the first, grumbling, sartorial window and asked for silence. The fourth Princess was annoyed by the sounds of sewing machines and blue color, and the second was saddened black clothes of her sister.
Long it would have lasted, if not a wizard a Day, who lived next door and watched them every day. The wizard of the Day tired of looking at their argument, he called them to himself and said, "You fought enough, and now I would curse you, and live you will be. The first Princess I will call Night. When it's your possession, then everything will be black, everyone is going to sleep, to relax, the stars are brightly shining. Behind the Princess of the Night will revive the Princess Morning, at this time, all will be blue and all will be awakened to action and movement. After will come alive the third Princess, her name Day. During the day everything becomes white, light, joy, and everything starts to work, sing, play, dance. And the last will be the Princess of the Night, she will wrap everything in purple, everything here calms down, calms down to prepare for rest and sleep. And then everything goes in a circle. And always will be! "The wizard waved his wand and since then the Princess came to life one by one one after another in definite order. Was an unlucky Night, after night had awoken the blue Morning, in the Morning come the white Day, the Day calm, quiet purple Night and again for Tonight was the Night and so all around the circle. And everyone was happy. Here and fairy tales end, and who listened – well done!

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