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Transcript of a talk on traffic rules "What is the traffic light?", "What are the transitions" 2018
2016-02-18, 20:02:37

Objective: to acquaint the children with the signs "pedestrian crossing" and its types. To consolidate the knowledge of the lights.
1. To develop observation for traffic signs and traffic lights.
2. To expand children's knowledge about road signs.
3. Forming in children the culture of behavior on the street.

Dear guys! Imagine that you need to go to the opposite side of the road. You need to use the rules of the transition. Let's talk about them. First of all find out which are the transitions. They come in several forms. First, the underpass. He stands with a special sign. (show the sign) .
In the underpass you need to go down the stairs, pass through a long tunnel, located under the earth, and the other stairs to go upstairs. You will find yourself on the opposite side of the road.
Listen to the poem:
Here underpass
It is the people.
The transition is beautiful
The fact that safe.

Secondly, there is an elevated crossing. It is also designated a special sign. (show the sign).
To draw the children's attention on the difference of the signs in the direction of the stairs.
In the cities it is represented by glazed tunnels, which are raised high above the road. In order to get to the opposite side of the road for the ground transition, you have to climb the stairs, go through a long tunnel above the ground and descend down the other stairs. In this transition you can monitor the traffic on the road at the top that has glass walls.
The third type of transition is a surface transition. Designated white stripes and called "Zebra".

Guys, why do you think the pedestrian is called "Zebra"? (Children's responses). Right, because he, like horse-Zebra consists of black-and-white stripes. And when you click on ground transition pedestrians helps the traffic light. Guys, what is the traffic light? (children's responses).
Properly, this device, which indicates when to cross the road pedestrians or drive cars, but when you have to stand and wait.

At the traffic light, there are rules, remember them: when burning a red light to cross the street! He tells us "Stop! ".
Yellow signal warns that we must prepare for the transition. And only when the green signal can cross the road.
Let us together learn the rules of traffic light in the poem:
If the red light is lit
This means the path is closed!
Yellow – wait a little bit.
Be ready to continue the journey!
And the green light is lit -
This means the way is open!
(repeat several times) .
When the lights flash green, you must cross a road safely, not running out into the roadway. First you need to look around and make sure traffic has stopped. When crossing the road you must first look left when you reach the middle of the road, you need to look to the right. Making sure there are no cars, you can safely continue through the tunnel.
Guys, who will use the signals of the traffic light? Only for pedestrians? Or for drivers too? (Children's responses) .
Right! And for drivers and for pedestrians!
Guys, we have dealt with pedestrian crossings, and rules navigate through the traffic light, and now we're going to play and check out as you remember the rules of traffic light.
The Game "the traffic light".
The children are divided into "pedestrians" and "drivers". Children to "drivers" are dealt handlebars, they are "machines". At a signal the car starts to move. Presenter is holding the circles with the colors of the traffic light, circle in left hand, looks toward the "walkers" and is intended only for them, the circle in the right in the direction of "machines", and is intended only for them. When pedestrian green light for cars is red, then the signals are changed. If it is red, the children in the direction of the light signal, shall stop, green to go, yellow to stop too.

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