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"Time-Daisy, two-Daisy" — the observation of plants 2018
2016-02-11, 10:25:51

-Guys, look, what beautiful flowers are growing in our flowerbed. There are daisies, marigolds, Petunia, calendula, cornflowers. Guys pay attention to this flower. Bright yellow eye, white cilia.

Came together on the meadow, the sunshine sisters. At green leaf, got the bug, You know that flower? It's Daisy!

-Chamomile-tall graceful plant with white flowers, little yellow middle, carved leaves. Blooms a very long time. Grows well in Sunny areas. Even the Daisy is a symbol of the holiday called  "Day of family, love and fidelity".  

-Guys, meet another flower.

As if the sky is bright blue, blooms in summer hot. Among grasses, in fields of rye, we will find them with you. Into the open, calling the flower, called cornflower!

-Cornflower high, ramose plant with blue flowers, yellow the middle, carved leaves. Its very bright color attracts insects.

Guys, do you think than the similar flowers of Chamomile and Cornflower? the answer is children. How are they different? the answer is children. What are they like? the answer is children. Well done!

Now, guys, let's help our flowers, remove weeds, dig the soil, water the plants in our mini garden.  

Children work under the guidance of a tutor. Well done guys, you did a good job today! Thank you!

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